CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

February 12, 2014

Attended: John Kane, Linda Paris, Pat MacNeill, Marcia Burrell, Jean Dufore, Marcia Burrell, Sean Moriarty, Dave McQuinn, Nicole Decker, Sadig Gulaghayev, Dave Kahn, Kathi Dutton

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

Discussion topics for the semester
  • Other wireless technology - CTS investigating some; Sean - part of mobile policy
  • Goals of Education Subcommittee were reviewed.
  • Encourage use of Panopto. How can we encourage more instructors to us it?
    • Involve departments and chairs
    • Short survey - are you using it? Why? Why not?
    • Discussion to be continued.
Report on Winter Breakout workshops
  • 92 sessions with total attendance of 828, (234 on line) Average 7-8 in each session.
  • Best attended: Social Media, Curr & Innovation Grants, Starfish, Zotero, Hybrid Classrooms, Low stakes testing, Flipped Classroom, Angel Q&A, CTS projects, iPad project
  • 20-minute sessions had the the best attendance.
  • Links to video recordings are here: www.oswego.edu/about/centers/CELT/wbo2014.html
  • All CELT and Breakout videos organized by topic are here: www.oswego.edu/about/centers/CELT/videos.html
  • What should be done differently next time?
    • Leave out some sessions or repackage them.
    • Describe sessions better.
    • Need another person there full time.
  • Things that were done well
    • Linking 20-minutes sessions together on similar topics. Encourage more of that, even for longer sessions.
    • Video available live and via CELT web links.
  • A suggestion was made that a survey/evaluation be created and sent to participants.