Ed Subcommittee Meeting Minutes February 1, 2012

Attended: Nicole Decker, John Kane, Marcia Burell, Pat MacNeill, Dave McQuin and Bill Goffe

Election of Chair

Bill Goffe was nominated by Marcia Burrell and unanimously elected.

Winter Breakout 2012

135 different people attended 53 workshops. The total number of attendees was 379. Best attended sessions included photography and mobile devices. A couple of others each had 15-20 attendees.


Ikicker and Turning Technology were discussed.

Suggested Topics for Future Meetings

  • monthly informal iPad (or other tablet) user meetings
  • mobile connections I,e, having to reconnect every few minutes. Invite Greg Fuller
  • privacy issues of taping students in classrooms
  • access points in classrooms  (Application & Equipment subcommittee topic?)
  • VHS going away in classrooms. Need to convert to CDs.  Survey was done. Dave McQuin reported only 2  people use VHS every day. CTS may designate 1 or 2 rooms with VHS players.
  • market CTS services that are not well known

Spring Breakout Workshop Suggestions

  • Best practices workshops
  • Google apps
  • Copyright (Emily Thompson)
  • ebooks
  • Lecture Capture
  • McGraw Hill

We would like recognize John Kane's numerous contributions to both this sub-committee and the full advisory board. He will be sorely missed!