CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012
Attended: Kelly Roe, John Kane, Nicole Decker, Dave McQuin, Jane Winslow, Pat MacNeill
  1. Minutes of the November meeting were approved
  2. Video based tutorials - Lynda.com vs Skillport
    • Skillport - our current system
      1. useability a bit clunky
      2. Skillport has more business-related courses
      3. cost: 12K/year
    1. Lynda.com - Mark Springston, Kelly Roe and Jane Winslow use Lynda.com.
      1. sleek interface
      2. nice videos
      3. great exercises
      4. Lynda seems to be more IT
      5. Cost: $38k/year for all 8k users on campus
        Basic individual cost is $25/month for license; prices go up from there to $375/year for access to everything. There are other pricing options
    2. Does Lynda have state contract? Probably not - only working with one other SUNY - Stonybrook
    3. Action items:
      Kelly will ask if Lynda has plans to pursue a State contract.
      Nicole will check on the state level, i.e.,  Stonybrook
  3. Experts group / experts list - How can people get technical support quickly from an expert near them? Discussion tabled for now. John and Pat may do some testing.
  4. Shared workshop listing/registration site for all CTS/ANGEL/CELT/ORSP workshops
    1. CTS, Ingeniux/web and CELT, ORSP all have separate registrations. It would be good to have a central place for all workshop registrations that would include a database to keep track of attendees.
    2. Action items:
      1. Nicole will start a search for a commercial product.
      2. Pat - will create a web page with links to all registration pages plus a short url  'http://www.oswego.edu/workshop'
  5. Winter breakout workshops: See http://www.oswego.edu/about/centers/CELT/wbo2013.html for a the list so far. Contact John Kane if you have an idea for a workshop and/or you would like to present.
    1. Action item: Registration will be available soon.
  6. Future Lecture Capture classrooms - CTS has about 15 classrooms set up with 6-7 more identified to be fitted with lecture Capture this spring. They are requesting guidance for the placement for the summer and fall. Total classrooms per year - 10.
    1. Suggestion - ask chairs of departments.