CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

December 4, 2013

Attended: John Kane, Sandy Bargainnier, Theresa Gilliard-Cook, Linda Paris, Pat MacNeill, Marcia Burrell, Kelly Roe,
Sean Moriarty, Dave McQuinn, Nicole Decker

Registration software

Phoenix Center is evaluating Augusoft Lumens.

  • Lynda will be available on campus Jan 1, 2014 with an 18-month plan to evaluate it. Skillport will go away.
  • How to spread the word so students and faculty will use it. I.e., using in classrooms, workshops. 
  • Ideas: Tech Tips. There will be a spring breakout workshop with faculty who have been using Lynda in their classes. CTS is working to integrate into Angel. There are phone apps for Lynda.
Winter Breakout
  • 17 workshop submissions so far.
  • Registration should be up by end of finals week.
  • Evaluations for workshops? Individual evaluations could deter some presenters who get negative reviews. Maybe a general form for all of Winter Breakout? Sandy, John and Pat will work on an evaluation form that covers all workshops.
  • Discussion of other ideas for workshops:
    • Splashtop - differences between versions.
    • lots of mobile
    • e-books - how they are being used, There will be separate workshops on how to use the library's e-book collection.