CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

November 7, 2012

John Kane, Marcia Burrell, Dave McQuinn, Greg Fuller, Pat MacNeill, Larry Fuller, Jean Dufore, Mark Springston, and Kelly Roe
  1. Approval of the minutes of the October meeting--Marcia motion, Dave second, approved
  2. An update on clickers - recent problems in ATCs (and resolution?) John - problems which may be hardware. In his class they crash about half the time. Lanigan 101 and 103 computers, really slow - 17 min to boot yesterday.
  3. WiFi in classrooms -
    Can all students be connected? Greg: not designed for each person, some with 3 devices, to connect simultaneously. Greg noted that extra access points were added to 101.
    Suggestion is to contact CTS help desk if there is a problem. They need date, time and person's names that are having problems. In new buildings, CTS is planning for more access points. Hope people don't come in with 4-5 devices.
    Marcia - 2 classrooms in Wilbur have access issues.
    iPad/iPhone issue-if updating to newer IOS, must erase profile and then install it again.
  4. Faculty-owned computers and connections to the campus network.
    John: Didn't see a notice that  faculty can't plug in their personal computers.  Greg - he can't talk to that. Check with Mike. He advised students can't plug in either. Dave: maybe the delay in the example John presented was a late hire. John and Marcia gave examples of this causing problems with teaching in the classroom and guest speakers. Larry - faulty can request a laptop to use ahead of time.
    Several mentioned that people need to be proactive.
  5. Doceri/Splashtop:
    John - any update on getting these to work? Dave: Reflections is another program.
  6. Video based tutorials - Lynda.com vs Skillport:
    John- Nichole: Skillport stats: 54 users averaged: connected 2 times for 3 courses. Mark: Skillport looks antiquated.
    Lynda: Kelly: more courses offered, access is easier. Lynda more tech-oriented? Mark: thinks it would be used much more than Skillport. Mark: Individual cost $40/month
    Kelly will look into licensing options and prices.
  7. Experts group / experts list. Need a way to implement.
    John: Add a best practice page with video and names of people who have presented. Marcia: get faculty to talk to faculty about what they are doing. Larry: name a guru for specific area - building dependent. Marcia: people come to her for tech info even tho she feels she is not technical. Mark: Idea- wordpress site. Marcia: find a person in a building to help. John: more ideas are welcome.
  8. Winter breakout workshops (and other workshops)
    John: Send suggestions, please! Will be held 1/16 - 1/25/13. Plan to present? Use this link to propose a workshop.