CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

May 1, 2013

CTAB Education subcommittee meeting
October 9, 2013

Attended: John Kane, Kathy Dutton, Sandy Bargainnier, Dave McQuin, Theresa Gilliard-Cook, Linda Paris, Pat MacNeill, Marcia Burrell

John Kane was nominated and elected chair.

John's vision of committee responsibilities:

  1. Focus on issues intersecting how technology affects teaching
  2. Teaching the technology

Past/Future issues:

  • Centralized way of offering and tracking professional development workshops. Breakout workshop suggestions and volunteering to teach
  • Lynda evaluation (past)
  • Clickers (past)
  • iBooks - ongoing

Discussion: problems of teaching on-line

  1. Marcia mentioned a past process for helping instructors go from classroom to online. Is that information/help available now? Is it a CTAB function or Extended Learning?
  2. Workshop, I.e., designing an online class, hybrid or full.
    1. For full on-line class - must go through Extended Learning, work with instructional designers.
    2. Hybrid courses can be done with no training. Need better access to information. Who is vetting? Needs oversight. This should probably go through Rameen.
    3. Ideas to help: Put together resources and place on web. 5-10 min videos. Tips from instructors who do it well.
  3. Marcia mentioned George Kuh, ‘High Impact Practices'
  4. Enhance iTunesU - downloadable ‘classes' for iPads
  5. Equivalent to iPad? John mentioned most iPad apps have equivalents for Android. Suggestion that we continue workshops on all OS technologies.
  6. Cool aps for Higher Ed-see CELT site for link to John's list.


  • How can we get more faculty involved?
  • John will talk to Rameen about Hybrid courses
  • Track and offer professional development: Kathy, John, Pat and Nicole will work on this.

Next Meeting 10/30/13