Education Subcommittee Minutes 10/3/2012

CTAB Education Sub-Committee Meeting 10/3 9:15am - 10am
Present: John Kane, Greg Ketcham, Maricia Burrell, Jean Dufore, Kathi Dutton, Nicole Decker, Rick Buck

They are working much better than in previous years, most issues have been resolved. Greg K. mentioned Poll Everywhere as a potential alternative to alleviate logistical constraints in larger classes and where voting does not need to be monitored as much.

e-Books:There is a nugget available in Angel that allows the use of McGraw-Hill textbook resources.

WiFi in Classrooms:Quick discussion regarding capacity in certain academic buildings and classrooms. It was suggested that Greg Fuller be invited to the next meeting to help provide more information on the topic. 

Wireless and iOS:There is a new wireless profile for iOS devices that was released over the summer that resolves the re-authentication issue when an iOS device jumps to different access points based on signal strength. Nicole was going to see if there is a Troubleshooting connection article in Lakerpedia.

Google Docs Scripting:Mark S. is interested in sharing what he has built in Google Docs, geared more towards power users, possible workshop?

Beginner, Intermediate, Advance Users:Discussed the possibility of setting up workshops geared towards varying user skill levels. John suggested that we investigate the interest in setting up a few workshops this way.
Video Based Tutorials:Art uses instead of Skillport, questions about the type a of material offered on is it mainly technical? Nicole mentioned that Skillport has low usage and that the contract is up for renewal in January so if it is going to be a replaced a recommendation would need to be made before then.Quick discussion about Camtasia and the multimedia room in the library

Experts Group:Discussion on how to form the expert groups and draft people to want to be available as an expert for others.Establish guidelines so the expert is not being called upon at the last minute to help resolve a crisis. Develop expert topicsLocalized listing of experts