CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

October 30, 2013

Attended: John Kane, Kathy Dutton, Sandy Bargainnier, Dave McQuin, Theresa Gilliard-Cook, Linda Paris, Pat MacNeill, Marcia Burrell, Kelly Roe, Jean Dufore, Nicole Decker

Registration software

Pat looked at a few but need requirements. Nicole mentioned they are in last year's minutes.
Tammy Anderson interested in joining our subcommittee. She is looking at Augusoft Lumens.

Hybrid courses

John talked to Rameen. According to Rameen, the correct process, is that it to be approved by dean and dept chair.
Discussion: What we do to improve? What workshops can we put together? Encourage faculty to ask Ext Learning for help, i.e., strategies. There is a need for some online documentation. John will talk to Rameen again.

Winter Breakout

Dates: 2 weeks prior to beginning of classes
Workshop Suggestions:

  1. iPad Pilot Group
  2. Web-related
  3. Angel - essentials, Q&A
  4. Gradebook
  5. Synchronous on line
  6. Collaborate
  7. Photography
  8. Mobile Apps
  9. E-books
  10. SUNY E-textbook project
  11. Laker Apps
  12. Lynda but licenses expire in January. Tip proposal in the works
  13. Video taping with iPad (School of Ed needs)
  14. Dynamics of dual projection screens
  15. On-line office hours
  16. Use of conference room in 211 Culkin - videoconferencing classroom? Probably not as it's limited.
  17. Skype how-to's.
  18. Google Hangout -- but need a private Google account.
  19. PC maintenance. Or, How to keep your computer running effeciently
  20. Backing up your files - Or, don't loose your data
  21. Panopto/Camtasia Or, Screen casting using ...
  22. Digital story-telling
  23. New Gadgets show and tell
  24. Open SUNY
  25. Degree Works
  26. Hybrid Courses
  27. Hi-flex courses: hybrid & flexible. can take course in 3 different ways.
  28. DSI process - roundtable discussion

Other topics for the subcommittee:

Discussion: New students registration (Jean). New students don't have a clue how to register. They are expected to register on their own. Registrar sends emails, follow-up emails and did a video but students are not reading/viewing. Jean will talk to orientation. Kelly says Art Dept does workshops with their students. It was noted that not all advisors are assisting students in the best way.