Ed Subcommittee Meeting Minutes November 2, 2011

Minutes of the November 2, 2011 Equipment subcommittee meeting
Present: Rick Buck, Marcia Burrell, Nicole Decker, John Kane, Dave McQuin

1. The approval of the minutes of the October meeting was postponed pending their distribution (they are attached)

2. Issues concerning connection problems with iOS 5 devices were briefly discussed. CTS currently suggests that people do not upgrade. It was noted, though, that most apps will only update if the current operating system is installed. 3G connections work as al alternative for some users

3. An update on the virtualization project was provided by Dave McQuin and Nicole Decker. They noted that the Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Acrobat are being used on a virtual basis in a pilot project that is currently underway. At the next stage of the process, a larger pilot group will be used to examine how well this process scales. Initial results have been positive It is hoped that this approach will provide an alternative to specialized departmental or program labs that will allow students and faculty access to specialized software 24 hours per day.

4. Nicole Decker provided an update on the portal project. The committee investigating these will be meeting with vendors of the major portal providers over the next few weeks. The current long list of possible providers will be narrowed to a shorter list. Each of the providers on the short list will provide a sandbox in which the portal product can be examined more intensively. Among the criteria used to winnow the list of options:

  • single sign-on capability to MyOswego, ANGEL, and Google Apps (and possibly other services)
  • integration with Banner
  • the ability to provide announcements to the entire population as well as selected subgroups (this will be implemented later)
  • the ability to customize the interface
5. Winter breakout workshops were discussed. Among the suggested workshops (in addition to those suggested last week):
  • workshops focusing on eduucational uses of iPads (and other tablet computers)
  • best practices in lecture capture
  • best practices in teaching and learning
  • best practices in clicker use
  • Elluminate
  • Laker Apps
  • the new McGraw-Hill campus product (available through ANGEL)
  • Ebook alternatives to printed texts
  • comparison of tablet options for faculty and staff