Ed Subcommittee Meeting Minutes November 30, 2011

Attended: Joe Moreau, Nicole Decker, John Kane, Kathy Dutton, Marcia Burell, Pat MacNeil, and  Dave McQuin 

Mobile connectivity - issues related to mobile connectivity (requiring repeated typing of passwords) and guest network access were discussed. Greg Fuller will be invited to a future meeting to discuss these issues.

Winter Breakout Workshop Suggestions 

  • Eluminate :  how to use and general info 
  • Lecture Capture - impact on attendance   
  • McGraw Hill Campus Textbooks application  - an option available now.  Nicole will talk with Auxillary svc about impact to them. Lots of benefits   
  • Laker Apps 
  • Multimedia. Camtasia, creating and editing videos for iTunesU- Dan 
  • Virtual computer lab workshop- Aaron 
  • Apple Remote - needs license  
  • Digital portfolios - Mark and Natalie 
  • E-books -   Joe  
  • Photography - Jim Russell 
  • COIL - John  
  • Angel grade book - Kathy
  • Best practices for on line teaching
  • Angel Essentials - Kathy  
  • Flipping the classroom - Bill Bosch
  • Hybrid classes - part online, part classroom. Guideline are needed - Marcia, Peg 
  • On line course evaluations - Kathy, Michelle
  • Gartner subscriptions - ITC focused Research database- Nicole/library
  • Time and attendance reporting on line - a SUNY-wide initiative. First, only monthly reporters will use. Joe meeting with Marta tomorrow 
  • Using iPads - I.e. Haiti project   
  • IPad App development? Encourage students?  
  • Sharing info on iPads    
  • Zotero / End note