Campus Technology Advisory Board


CTAB Minutes
Friday, October 8, 2010
Fallbrook Lodge

Attendance: Eric Hellquist, John Kane, Kari Campbell, Mark Springston, Michele Hamer, Paul Taylor, Michael Regan, Natalie Sturr, Pat MacNeil, Rick Buck, Abby Wiertzema, Brenda Farnham, Tim Yager, Joe Moreau

Agenda Approved

September 10, 2010 Minutes Approved

Open Session - Questions and Concerns:
No Question and answers today, we will hold till next month's meeting.
Tech Plan document - we will spend the day on working this.
Tech Plan framework document that was created last year was approved by CTAB.

Updates and Announcements

  • SCAP Proposals were due October 1, 2010.
  • Need representatives from the CTAB group
  • Last year Chris Hebblethwaite and Steve DiMarzo were the representatives
  • Kris Smith organizes the meetings, there are about 4 of them
  • Proposers get thirty minutes to discuss their proposal and what they are looking to do
  • A reminder that SCAP was moved up by a couple of months so that some projects could be done during the winter break
  • Chris Hebblethewait and John Kane will serve as the reps for this year.

Applications and Equipment - Natalie Starr

  • Minutes will be posted soon
  • VOIP was discussed
  • User privileges on computers will be discussed more at the November meeting
  • Next meeting will be on November 3rd in Campus Center 164 at 8:00 am
  • Please attend

Education - John Kane

  • RSS feeds to be discussed more
  • Digital signage usage -what more can it be used for
  • Portal for single sign on
  • Electronic DSI
  • Electronic Books
  • Next meeting will be October 27th at 9:00 am in 123 Penfield

Academic Division - Mike Ameigh (Joe Moreau)

  • Mike Pisa, Mike Ameigh and Joe Moreau have been discussing faculty computer replacement
  • Using inventory documents from Lin Murray they are trying to track down old computers to determine where they might be on campus and their usefulness
  • 2006 and older looking to replace or salvage
  • Would like to have computers that are no more than four years old pending resource availability

CTS Report - Joe Moreau

  • Working with Academic Affairs on faculty computer replacement. CTS can fund from the Tech fee for academics
  • There will be changes to desktops primarily for VOIP. There have been some issues that continue to be addressed by the technical staff..
    • If anyone is having trouble please report to the help desk
    • Currently things are being worked on at this time for the infrastructure for VOIP
  • There is the possibility of a large scale power outage on October 30 as part of the Science & Engineering infrastructure relocation project
    • Fiber relocations have been done
  • Laker Apps conversion was done on approximately 1300 accounts after the September 30 conversion deadline. 5300 accounts were not converted that have "left Oswego" date
    • If anyone has anything on legacy email server they will want to get that moved soon. Those servers will be decommissioned in November. Reminders will be sent to campus users
    • Anyone is that is on a sabbatical or leave of absence can make special arrangements
  • SMTP server change with take place on Monday

ITC - Mark Springston

  • Mark was elected chair
  • Two SCAP representatives have been elected
  • Discussion of email being an official and professional tool of communication
  • Commented that ITC reports some of the activities of CTAB to Faculty Assembly
  • Commented is advisory to the CTO and CFO per the bylaws

Next Meeting will be November 12, 2010, 8:00-9:30 in 114 Campus Center

Respectively submitted,

Deborah J. Haynes