CTAB Minutes

Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Minutes
Friday, November 12, 2010
Campus Center 114

Attendance:  Alex Pantaleev, Scott Roby, Chris Hebblethwaite, Jane Winslow, Dan Wood, Dari Campbell, Mark Springston, Steve Dimarzo, Kimberly McGann, Mike Pisa, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Natalie Sturr, Mike Flaherty, Becky Truax, Pat MacNeil, Rick Buck, Tim Yager, Abby Wiertzema, Brenda Farnham, Pat Pacitti, Casey Raymond

Agenda Approved

October 8, 2010 Minutes Approved

Open Session - Questions and Concerns:

Mark Springston demonstrated how he is using Laker Apps and Calendar with his students.

Marcia commented about the article regarding Facebook and the National Labor Relations Board decision.  Info related to the article was sent out by Dave Bozak.

Marcia suggested that CTAB elect its SCAP representatives earlier in the year to expedite the process in the fall.

Marcia also wanted to thank Joe Moreau and his wife Susana for hosting our guest speaking for the Tech Planning workshop and providing a lovely dinner the evening before.

Marcia emphasized that the committee meetings are important and where a lot of the work gets done.  Please take the time to attend the meetings.

Updates and Announcements

Applications and Equipment - Natalie Starr

Education - John Kane

  • Minutes to be posted soon
  • Discussion of Winter Breakout sessions
  • Winter Breakout will be January 17-21, 2011
  • Schedule to be out soon for Winter Breakout
  • Discussion about book readers
  • Next meeting will be November 17, 2010, at 8:00 am in 123 Penfield

Tech Planning Ad Hoc Committee - Mike Flaherty

  • Tech Plan discussion
  • Outline has been developed
  • Next meeting TBA

Academic Division - Mike Ameigh (Joe Moreau)

  • Currently working with CTS on the deployment of some high end color copiers
    • Eight have been deployed and have some minor issues
  • Have received information back from departments regarding faculty computer replacement
  • Joe, Mike Pisa, and Mike Ameigh to meet and discuss

CTS Report - Joe Moreau

  • Tyrone Johnson-Neuland reported about the VoIP
    • Currently there have been 550 desktop phones deployed
    • Will continue moving forward with roll out of phones
    • There have and will be some outages, some people will not even know there is or has been one.
    • There have been no major issues reported, however if something does come up please contact the Help Desk.
  • Document Imaging is in production in the Admissions office.  Currently doing both imaging and an abbreviated folder as a backup.
    • Expect to be completely digital for Fall 2011 students
    • There will be some new things added to MyOswego to help faculty and advisors when advising students
    • Registrar's office is now beginning scanning of documents
    • Michelle Bandela and Jackie Campbell are working on how this system might be used by advisors
    • All this will save on copying and storage space
  • Winter Break Projects
    • Project plans are being worked on
    • Currently there is discussion with those who have moved into Snygg Hall recently on what additional needs they have after being in the building for one semester
    • Wilber Hall relocation moves will need some final adjustments
    • Tyler Hall rewiring
    • ATC construction for Mahar Hall
  • Summer 2011 projects to include
    • SoE Moves
    • Residence Hall infrastructure upgrades for Oneida and Cayuga, more to be done to other residence halls summer of 2012 and 2013.
  • Virtual Computer lab project
    • Ready to start with testing.
    • AutoCAD for Technology Department and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Tech Plan
    • Should become a regular agenda item for CTAB meetings
  • Cover Sheets
    • Joe and Tim Yager met with SA group to discuss the cover sheet waste in labs
    • Will start with CTS labs and smaller labs on campus to remove the coversheet and see how it goes with students finding their work.
    • Marcia asked if there is an incentive to give to faculty to not use paper.  Do more in using Angel or LakerApps for students to turn in work

ITC - Mark Springston

  • SCAP Proposals can be found on the CTAB webpage http://www.oswego.edu/Documents/ctab/2010-2011%20SCAP%20Proposals.pdf
  • Fourteen departments have submitted proposals
  • Currently looking at $245K in proposals and we will receive only $116K in funding
  • Will be looking at other funding options
  • Final report will be ready in December and sent to Faculty Assembly for a vote at the first meeting of the spring semester.

Open Session

  • Cameras
    • Steve Dimarzo questioned that status of camera's on campus.  
    • Joe responded that the cameras are being discussed.   The current thought is to put cameras at building entrances and elevators.  It is also discussed on how the cameras will be used, example would be if an incident occurred and the tape can be reviewed afterwards or if the cameras are to be monitored which would require changes to University Police dispatch.  Also we don't want to become too invasive with the amount of cameras on campus.
  • Jane Winslow asked about putting the Education Committee and the Application and Equipment Committee meetings closer together in time and location.  She would like to be able to attend both.  Natalie and John will work together and see what they can come up with for the Spring semester.
  • Global Storage System, video Library archiving
    • Fritz Messere has looked into some ideas of what can be done about video storage.  We have currently outgrown our current location.  A few conference calls have been held to discuss options.
    • Looking into a Content Management System - not to be confused with the Content Management System for the campus WebPages.

Next Meeting will be December 10, 2010, 8:00-9:30 in 114 Campus Center

Respectively submitted,

Deborah J. Haynes