CTAB Minutes

Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Minutes
Friday, March 11, 2011
C114 Campus Center

 Attendance:  Eric Hellquist, John Kane, Chris Hebblethwaite, Michele Fischetti, Jane Winslow, Mark Springston, Kimberly McGann, Dave Bozak, Abby Wiertzema, Joseph Moreau, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Nicole Decker, Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, Mike Flaherty, Natalie Sturr, Jean Dufore, Pat MacNeill, Rick Buck, Marcia Burrell, Tim Yager, Pat Pacitti, Brenda Farnham.

Approval of Agenda:   Agenda approved.

Approval of minutes from last meeting:   Not yet approved because they haven't been posted.
Open Session - - Questions and Concerns:  None.
Updates and Announcements:  None.
Applications and Equipment Committee-Natalie Sturr:  Met Wednesday. Discussed what specific classroom equipment should be retired. VHS is not being used much. Looking at conversion to other media (buying new copies on other media or copyright issues if we want to copy to other media ourselves).

Working on images for student lab computers.

Looking for other ftp clients.

Many people on campus want to use Adobe Acrobat Pro but there is no license available at this time. Joe Moreau - CUNY has negotiated a site license agreement with Adobe and SUNY is working on one.

CTS decommissioning OU Educate. There is no way for us to control web page naming. Paul Taylor - we are looking for ways to convert existing tilde sites. There are about 50 people still using OU Educate.

Currently this committee meets back-to-back with the Education Committee. Natalie took a vote regarding whether committee members thought scheduling of both meetings for next year should remain back-to-back, separate, or don't care.

Next meeting April 6. Will further discuss technology to retire.

Elections and Bylaws- Dave Bozak:  Nothing to report.

Ad-Hoc on Tech Plan- Mike Flaherty:  Met with Joe. Made progress. Has the draft but not with him at this meeting.

Joe met with the President's Council and presented the progress made so far. It was a positive meeting with the council excited about what they've done and encouraging them to keep going.

Education Committee-John Kane:  Had a workshop on the use of e-books by students. One issue is wi-fi access.

Talked about the portal. MyOswego will be moving to the ldap server so eventually we will only have one username and password.

Discussed electronic DSI submissions.

Looking for Spring workshop suggestions.

Discussed video conferencing capabilities. CTS has two Cisco units on permanent loan. They will be put in 137 Campus Center and the Metro Center.

Trying to find a way for new faculty email accounts to be ready for them to use quicker. Most of this currently lies with getting their completed I-9 to Human Resources as well as their contract signed.

Next meeting right after this one.

ITC report-Mark Springston:   Met February 18 regarding two topics.

Finalized student photo usage policy and sent it for approval.

Working on a proposal for electronic submission of faculty folders for DSI.

Discussion - Computing Technology Rights and Responsiblities- Part 2:  Marcia Burrell would like to first make sure that everyone understands Part 1. Using the white paper (article) "How to Achieve Best Privilege".

Dave Bozak - Complicated problem and we have no clue.

Chris Hebblethwaite - Where are we in this? Joe Moreau - Looking at alternatives. The EDSC has been working on evaluating the available options. Tim Yager - Went with a product called Avecto. The software is installed but we're not using policies on it yet. Had planned a roll-out to the entire domain next Wednesday, March 16.

Discussion of communication of what's available to faculty as well as their needs to CTS.

Tim Yager - This only effects people who are on the domain. A list of what's available can be made. Will postpone the roll-out until communication to faculty has occurred.

Suggested Next Steps:

  • Survey all users for their needs.
  • Get the needs of new users before the computer is even set up for them.

Joe and the CTS managers will look at the current processes and talk to CTAB in April about changes before implementing them. They will also look into taking care of the needs of all groups.

Academic Division-Joe Moreau for Mike Ameigh:  Moving forward with faculty computer replacements. Also trying to make these replacements a year-round process to expedite getting the new computers.

Campus Technology Services-Joe Moreau:
Most people may already know, CTS is now part of the Academic Affairs Division and reports to the Provost's Office.

CIT is in May at Oneonta. Registration is now open. This is CIT's 20th anniversary. Scholarships are available for first-time attendees.
STC (SUNY Technology Conference) starts at Rye Brook on June 20. Registration for this is open as well.

Summer project planning is under way. Met a few weeks ago. Relocations will be done, cable TV upgrade, renovations. Jean Dufore - Five new ATCs in Mahar, 309 Mahar will be made available during the day, and three new classrooms in Wilber.

SCAP Proposal Update: Making excellent progress. The only ones not done were specifically planned for summer due to moves, etc.

Nicole Decker - Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade:
Pilot project participants have had it installed. The committee is working on obtaining feedback on the upgrade process.

Respectfully submitted,

Caroline Currier