CTAB Meeting Minutes

Campus Technology Advisory Board


CTAB Minutes
Friday, December 10, 2010
Campus Center 114

Attendance:  Eric Hellquist, Larry Fuller, Alex Pantaleeve, Scott Roby, John Kane, Brenda Farnham, Devin Kerr, Jane Winslow, Mark Springston, Dave Bozak, Dan Griffin, Joe Moreau, Mike Pisa, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Pat MacNeil, Rick Buck, Marcia Burrell, Tim Yager, Pat Pacitti, Casey Raymond, Cindy Jackson

Agenda Approved

November 12, 2010 Minutes Approved

Open Session – Questions and Concerns

·      Video of Electronic Pick Pocketing was shown.

·      Various comments about the video

·      Suggested people look at their cards to see if they have a RFID chip on their credit cards

Praise, Question, Polish

·      Joe thanked everyone that attended today’s meeting.  Commented on how well the group has come together, the amazing work that has been done, the ideas and planning and the contribution the group has made to the campus.

Larry Fuller asked if there could be a quicker link to getting to one’s email when off campus.  Joe Moreau commented that CTS felt it would be good to have a landing page for the email so that any updates and additional information the user could see before logging into their email.  Some members commented that they are just not interested in that information when just wanting to get to their email quickly.  Joe commented that CTS will look into and report back to the group.

·      Mark Springston commented about the difference between the sharing of documents and the sharing of folders. How to use for various committee groups and who would take the lead.
It was commented that there will be workshops during Winter Breakout for LakerApps as well as additional workshops during the spring semester.

·      Joe Moreau commented that Google will be releasing applications that are already on the public side to the business customers.  There will be several new things available but not all will be of interest to the campus. Word will be sent out when something new is being offered.

·       Dan Griffin questioned how to turn off the conversations in mail and if anyone has done it.  Comments were made that it is an easy thing to do and you can switch back and forth between the options as needed.

·       Pat MacNeil asked if there is a way to share the list tips and tricks with the campus community.  Suggested that maybe there be an email list that people could subscribe to.
Question about the best use for Campus Announcements versus the Daily Info.  Where should information be that needs to be sent to the campus community come from.

Tech Planning Ad Hoc Committee – Mike Flaherty (Joe Moreau)
Have not met
Hope to meet in January
Refine the outline of the Tech Plan

·      Applications and Equipment – Natalie Sturr (Marcia Burrell)
Image for new computers
Computer User Privileges
Draft proposal has been written and was read to the group
Floor was opened for discussion of the proposal
Dave Bozak, what are user privileges and what are elevated privileges?
How does this proposal relate to personal machines on campus?
How are student machines addressed on campus?Mike Pisa commented that resident student machines are on a separate firewall zone and handled differently
Should personal faculty/staff machines be allowed on the network?
Casey Raymond commented that the use of a personal machine on the network one needs to be responsible for their own data and back up if something where to go wrong.  However the question was raised that if this personal machine caused an issue to another machine here on campus is that person who caused the issue willing to be responsible for the loss of another faculty/staff’s data?
Tim Yager commented that CTS is looking into the purchase of Privilege Management Software that would allow for three levels for privileges.  These are Windows-based products and there is no Mac software at this time.
Larry Fuller questioned the additional privileges form on the proposal and who will be making those decisions, what to do if denied, who a faculty/staff member can follow up with.  He also commented that he cannot support the proposal as written. 
Dave Bozak commented that it needs to go back to the committee with the comments here point out and a new draft to be written.
Joe Moreau commented that we need to find a balance so that everyone has a safe and secure environment.  This is just one piece of the puzzle for campus computer security
Marcia commented that anyone who can attend the Application and Equipment Subcommittee to discuss the proposal should do so.

Education – John Kane
Minutes for November and December Meetings have been posted
Most of the discussion has centered around Winter Breakout.
Hope to have schedule posted soon.

Academic Division – Mike Ameigh (Joe Moreau)
Faculty Computer Replacement is moving forward and list to be finalized.
Should be 75-80 computers replaced

SCAP – Joe Moreau
SCAP committee has concluded deliberations
Fourteen proposals were put forth
Spreadsheet was shared showing the breakdown of how the proposals will be funded
Will put forth to ITC and Faculty assembly for approval.  Will need President’s approval as well.
Some nonSCAP funded items can be started over the winter break

ITC – Mark Springston
Last meeting it was discussed to push up the SCAP proposal review dates for next year to October.
Academic Dishonesty in the Tech Age was discussed.
Discussed with the Intellectual Integrity Committee
Need to reeducate our students
There is a quiz that Faculty should work into the courses for students to take.

·       CTS Report – Joe Moreau

TechNews is posted to the web

High lights
Windows 7 is being evaluated and tested
Office 2010 and 2011 for Macs is being tested.
Those that change from 2007 to 2010 will see small changes.  Those changing from 2003 to 2010 will see significant changes.
The new license for Office 2010 also offers the download for home use, either personal or work related for $9.95.
Winter Break projects - gearing up for Mahar and Tyler projects
There will be a wireless outage January 5th and 6th
Working with FMO and FDC for the project plans for summer 2011 - Park and Wilber rehab.
One SCAP project from last year - the Virtual Computer lab is up and running.  Testing will begin soon
A new pilot project of not having a cover sheets used for department labs.  Joe Moreau and Tim Yager met with the student association to discuss this project.  So far all is going well with no complaints.
Larry Fuller questioned if there was the possibility of putting in a Kiosk in Snygg for a quick printing option.  This is something that CTS will look into and report back.

·       Next Meeting will be February 11, 2011, 8:00-9:30 in 114 Campus Center

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah J. Haynes