Meeting Minutes

Campus Technology Advisory Board September 9 2011 Minutes


CTAB Minutes
Friday, September 9, 2011
201 Campus Center

Attendance:  Eric Hellquist, Scott Roby, John Kane, Jane Winslow, Dan Wood, Mark Springston, Dave Bozak, Michele Hamer, Mike Pisa, Paul Taylor, Nicole Decker, tyron Johnson-Neuland, Mike Flaherty, Natalie Sturr, Jean DuFore, Pat MacNeill, Marcia Burrell, Joe Moreau, Tim Yager, Barbara St. Michel, Pat Pacitti, Abby Wiertzema

Agenda Approved

May 6, 2011 Minutes Approved

Open Session – Questions and Concerns:

Marcia – welcome back glad to see familiar faces again.

Joe – asked if how everyone’s fall semester is starting out, any major issues.

Natalie – commented that the library is opening at 7:45 am to accommodate students who need to print work for the classes.

Chairs Report – Marcia

Thank you to everyone for their committed work to CTAB, the work that is done with the group is important to campus community.

Question, for those that do not show up for meetings, any ideas on how we can get them back involved in the group?  It was suggested that we email or possibly phone those that have not attended to find out their interest in the group.

Focus Groups for Subcommittees and Discussion Themes

Committees broke into groups to work on a meeting schedule, who the chair will be and agenda ideas for the coming year.

Applications and Equipment – Natalie Starr
·         Natalie will remain the chair
·         Meetings will the Wednesday before CTAB meeting in the CELT conference room in the Library at 8 AM

Agenda items for the coming year will include:·        

Consumer Apps

·             Support of Mobile Devices
·             Software request for labs
·             Discuss with CTS areas of campus that do not have wireless

Election and Bylaws – Dave Bozak
·         Dave Bozak will remain chair

Meeting in two weeks, then TBA thereafter

Committee will survey members about representation and attendance

Education – John Kane
·         John will remain chair
·         Will meet the Wednesday before CTAB at 9:00 am
·         Survey of faculty and students
·         Access to network with Wi-Fi devices
·         Virtualization project
·         Better info to faculty of what is in a smart classroom
·         Portal
·         EBooks
·         Elluminate Project

Ad-Hoc on Tech Plan – Mike Flaherty
·         Mike will remain chair
·         Will begin meetings on Monday, September 12 from 11:00-12:30 and meet every two weeks.  Location-TBA
·         Will pick up where they left off with the Tech Plan Outline

ITC – Mark Springston
·         Nine departments submitted DSI reports electronically
·         Only feedback has been verbal, however going to do a survey to get more in-depth feedback
·         Meetings TBA

Campus Technology Services – Joe Moreau
·         A lot of work has been accomplished by CTS this past summer
·         Elevated Privileges – Announcement went out to CTAB members, there are a few tweaks that need to be done and will then be sent out to campus community. This will continue to evolve for future changes.  A thank you goes out to Tim Yager and the Enterprise Desktop Solutions group for their hard work on the project.
·         Document imaging is in place in the Admissions Office.  This fall’s admission of students was done entirely electronically.  It has definitely transformed the department.
·         Electronic documents for Orientation and Advising went really well
·         Registrar’s office continues to move forward with getting information scanned and indexed into the system.  It is proving to be much easier to find documents.
·         Mahar Hall has new ATC’s except for three rooms.  That is a total of 19 in that building
·         Working on projects for the winter break.
·         From the Information Security Task Force, letters to come out from Registrar’s office and HR about what should and should not be kept in departments
·         SCAP Proposal announcement went out to department chairs.  Deadline is October 7 for submissions.  Not sure how much money there will be. Possibly only 50% of what we had last year.  A luncheon will be planned to show case some of the projects from last year’s SCAP proposals.  Possibly date will be October 7 in CC 114
·         Tech Plan needs to be completed prior to our Middles States Review
·         Mobile Technology - Ad-Hoc group to be formed. How do we handle standards, devices that we will support, applications support and micro applications, how do we secure, purchase of apps, definition of college devices and personal devices.
·         Ipad webinars – 10/4 from 1:00-2:30 in the CELT office and 10/6 11:30-1:00 in 37C Lanigan
·         Campus Alliances – SUNY Oswego has been asked to work with ESF, OCC and Cayuga Community College to be more efficient and to reduce costs
·         Degree Works – new program coming to campus to help students chart their progress in their current major and consider impacts of changing majors
·         We need to be more diligent in watching out for new security threats and generating more awareness for the campus community
·         Verizon has offered to come to campus and do a presentation on Cyber Security that we may take them up on, October is National Cyber Security Month
·         Provost has given Joe permission to hire for two new positions for CTS - Desktop Support Tech for Paul Taylor’s area and Network Tech for Tyrone’s area.

Mike Ameigh commented that funding for academic equipment replacement has run its course.  The campus will still continue to funding AER locally.

Natalie commented that the Library and CTS have equipment to convert VHS tapes.  Can discuss with Dave McQuin on what can be converted.

Next Meeting will be Friday, October 14, 2011 in Campus Center 114

Respectively submitted,

Deborah J. Haynes