September 14, 2012

107 Lanigan Hall

Attending:  Marcia Burrell, Mike Pisa, Greg Ketcham, Abby Wiertzema, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Nicole Decker, Mike Flaherty, Pat Pacitti, Natalie Sturr, Jean DuFore, Doug Pippin, Eric Hellquist, Scott Roby, Brenda Farnham, Shashi Kunbar, Kelly Roe, Patrick Moochler, Dan Wood, Weston Kensigner, Mark Springston, Becky Truax, Pat MacNeill, Aaron Reece, Luke Nadzadi, Dan Vandermark, Tim Yager, Greg Fuller, Eric Smith, Nicholas Ross

Agenda Approved
Approval of Minutes

Open Session
Discussion on Coursera, Marcia is taking an Intro to Mathematical Thinking course
Technology Conference Oct 25th and 26th
Online tutoring available

Committee Reports - Focus Groups/Goal Setting
Broke up into committees to set up agendas and meeting times

  • Applications & Equipment - Natalie Sturr
    No SCAP program, will have a local program through CTS,  but the development of an alternative local program is a priority
    Meeting Oct 3rd at 8:00 AM in the Library, main agenda item is SCAP replacement
  • Election & Bylaws - Mike Pisa
    Will send bylaw changes / suggestions out for comment and approval
    No meeting planned
  • Education - Marcia Burrell
     Ebooks, WiFi in classrooms, video based tutorials
    Meeting Oct 3rdat 9:15AM in the Celt Room
  • Ad-Hoc technology Plan - Mike Flaherty reviewed the  benchmarking and met with his group. 

ITC Report from Mark Springston

  • Elections for   ITC will occur
  • The last meeting was with Joseph Moreau

CTS Report from Mike Pisa

  • Tech news posted for May, June, July and August
  • Student Accounts E-Commerce system
  • 20 ATC's this summer
  • Labman Conference
  • Windows 7 upgrade
  • VoIP phones

 Upcoming projects

  • Banner 9
  •  iModules for Development
  • DegreeWorks
  • SOE including Rice Creek
  • Lecture Capture
  • Complete Windows 7 upgrades
  • Faculty replacement
  • Security logins
  • Wireless - Res Halls
  • Product replacement for Heat


Apple Configurator by Dave Kahn

  • Benefits include streamlined process, uniform images on devices, volume app purchase program
  • Working on a web page

Time and Attendance demo by John Trombly

  • All 12 month employees are being set up in the system
  • Training Sessions are scheduled each week
  • LakerNet Id is used to log into the system