Campus Technology Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Campus Technology Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

CTAB Minutes
Friday, October 14, 2011
C114 Campus Center

Attendance:  Eric Hellquist, Alex Pantaleev, Scott Roby, John Kane, Dan Wood, Kari Campbell, Mark Springston, Greg Ketcham, Michele Hamer, Abby Wiertzema, Dan Griffin, Joseph Moreau, Mike Pisa, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Nicole Decker, Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, Natalie Sturr, Jean Dufore, Beckt Truax, Pat MacNeill, Rick Buck, Marcia Burrell, Tim Yager, Pat Pacitti, Brenda Farnham. Barbara St. Michel, Greg Fuller, Dan Laird

Approval of Agenda: Agenda approved.

Approval of minutes from last meeting: Approved
Open Session - Questions and Concerns: Marcia played an audio clip on the new IPhone 4S release.
Updates and Announcements:  A motion was put forth to add Kelly Roe to SCAP Committee.
Motion: Approved
Applications and Equipment Committee - Natalie Sturr:  Minutes from last meeting 10/5/2011 have been posted.
Topics for next meeting:
·         Google Services: Look @ 2 Services of your choice, bring review to discuss at meeting
·         PRS Clickers: There has been a request to look at replacement model.
Note on Google Services: If you were part of the original CTAB Google test group your account is still active. If you forgot or feel you need an account please contact the LakerApps Admin Team at
Next meeting: 11/2/2011 8AM in Library Rm. 1.

Elections and Bylaws - Dave Bozak:  Nothing to report.

Ad-Hoc on Tech Plan - Joe Moreau:  Progress continues on the overall document.
Working on defining Benchmark Chapter:
·         What is important at this time.
·         CTS Manager's compiling list from their groups
·         How is each mark assessed?
·         What are the key performance goals.

Drafting a timeline:  Planning, Implementation, Assessment

Topics discussed from Joe's meeting with CLAS Chairs:
·         Experimental Classrooms
·         Shift to Mobil Devices
·         Opportunities on tightening interaction with Administrative Systems
Education Committee - John Kane:
Virtualization Project
Smart Classroom Project:
·         What is the ultimate podium size?
·         What needs does the classroom meet?
Portal Project: Reports @ next meeting
EBooks: scheduling more workshops
SUNY FACT having an event @ Embassy Suites in Syracuse on 11/2
Elluminate: need more workshops
Winter Breakout: 12/17-20/2011. Still seeking proposals.
Next meeting 11/2/2011 after Application Committee
ITC report - Mark Springston:   
2 New Members, Larry Fuller, Zohra Manseur
Elected Positions:

Mark Springston: Chair

Larry Fuller: Reporter

Natalie Sturr: Recorder

CTS working with Id & Dining on using ID photos in other systems on campus, also working with other SUNY Banner schools to review possibilities.
DSI Laker Apps trial: received positive feedback
Still looking for another Faculty Assembly Representative
72nd Technology Conference:, Innovation Showcase 10/28 in Sheldon Ballroom 8-10AM.

Academic Division-Joe Moreau for Mike Ameigh:  No Update

Campus Technology Services - Joe Moreau:
Staffing Impacts:
·         Key Staff member form Desktop Support group is out.
·         Search on for 2 positions, Desktop Support , Network Technician
Degree Works: Change in Advising and Admissions. Details still very thin, working with Rameen on putting Implementation Committee together.
Shared services: Met with ESF, OCC and Cayuga counterparts. Discussed opportunities to share in training opportunities, portals and learning management systems.
Angel - Blackboard Migration: Report from Nicole Decker, Greg Ketcham:
·         A smooth transition is a significant concern of faculty
·         Developing a timeline of a possible 3 semester arch
·         Functionality of Angel not yet in Blackboard
·         Waiting on product development planning
·         Last version will be V8, once converted this would extend support to 2015
SCAP Proposals: 11 Submitted, Scheduling a review. Funding is 50% of last year and will possibly be the last year of funding. Need to look at supporting SCAP with local funds in the future.
Educause : Quarterly Report out, see article on SUNY Fact Council

Guest Speakers: Verizon Cyber Security Group