October 12, 2012

114 Campus Center

Attending:  Marcia Burrell, Mike Pisa, Natalie Sturr, Dave McQuin, Pat Pacitti, Greg Fuller, Pat MacNeill, Mike Flaherty, Doug Pippin, Scott Roby, John Kane, Brenda Farnham, Shashi Kanbur, Weston Kensinger, Abby Wiertzema, Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, Tim Yager, Kris Smith

Approval of Agenda - Agenda approved

  • Motion to approve, Natalie Sturr, Second the motion, Mike Pisa

Approval of Minutes - Minutes approved

  • Motion to approve, Mike Flaherty, Second the motion, Mike Pisa

Open Session Q & A

  • Natalie:  Things are going smoothly
  • Marcia:  Discussion regarding difficulties with Wi-Fi in Wilber, working fine now.          
  • Mike:  If you have been having problems with iPads, iPhones, you will need to change the configuration settings.  Forget wireless configuration and reload, once you do that, it shouldn't get kicked off - it is in Oswego setup - delete the old profile first.
  • John:  Over the last couple of years CTS decided not to allow personal computers, why was there that change - Mike explained that GreyCastle Security will be able to give some insight to this.  The campus has no control over personal computers, therefore, cannot ensure that the antivirus software is up-to-date, cannot do patches, etc.  Since we stopped allowing personal computers on the network, we have much less virus problems on campus.
  • Ty:  We will be revisiting academic office spaces for wireless.
  • John:  It is a problem with not having wireless in Mahar.
  • Mike: Plan to fully implement wireless throughout the new buildings and will be reviewing other academic buildings again - trying to complete residence halls - which was high priority - still will be other problems.
  • Marcia:  I understand the security, is there a way to make sure the Chairs submit the list in the summer so that new faculty have what they need when they arrive.
  • Mike:  Part of the communication lapse was with visiting assistants.  We are not sure how the paperwork flows but we never know, nor do we get confirmation.  We rely on the list from the Provost Office.  Soon we will be meeting with the four Deans' secretaries and Provost Office to ensure that things go smoother, therefore, we will be able to plan better.  A miscommunication about new machines was made to provide for VAPs and the commitment was to provide a machine not new, if new required Chair or Dean need to provide.
  • Marcia - Faculty not being able to plug-in will be a problem until Wi-Fi is available.

Committee Reports: 

Applications & Equipment - Natalie Sturr

  • Technology Initiative Project (TIP) Grants, there is no more SCAP funding, therefore, we will continue on a local level.  Natalie reviewed the proposed policy guidelines.
  • Discussion regarding CTAB membership and participation and representation among departments. 
  • Discussion regarding when the TIP process will begin, the importance of presentations.
  • Also discussed was the different tiers, this will serve as a funnel, locally as well as be reviewed for central funding(IITG)      
  • Mike:  This should go to ITC  and the Deans and Provost acknowledge and understand, would like to start this spring.  Potential time frame is late fall, early spring.   Regarding the funding, will try to match SCAP - roughly $150,000
  • Discussion regarding funding process, would like to earmark monies yearly - line item on the budget.
  • If this is an annual process to we need to say that it is annual.  Suggestion to add Annual to first bullet - Annual funding.
  • Natalie motion to approve with annual funding - amendment, Second the motion, Doug Pippin.
    • 11 present out of 23, vote all in favor
  • Guidelines & Forms - essentially the same as the SCAP forms.
  • Next meeting November 7th at 8am in library classroom # 2.

Elections & Bylaws - Marcia Burell for Larry Fuller

  • CTAB Executive Board made some edits to the bylaws, explained and reviewed the changes.
  •  Motion to approve, Doug Pippin, second the motion, Natalie Sturr.
    • All in favor.
  • Will go to ITC for endorsement.

Education - John Kane

  • iClickers were discussed - working much better.
  • Discussion regarding problem with students sharing between classes, John pointed out that students can't share the iClickers. 
  • Angel integration is much better and simpler.
  • EBooks discussion, more workshops.
  • Wi-Fi in classrooms and simultaneous users has gotten better.  Suggested that Greg be invited to next meeting.
  • Suggestion was made that we have a wider range of workshops at a variety of levels.  Also whether we should review the use of Skillport .
  • Wireless in iOS working much better.
  • Can we establish groups with expertise in certain areas that people could contact.
  • Next meeting, November 7th at 9:10am 123 Penfield.

Ad-Hoc on Technology Plan - has to be approved 

ITC Report - Natalie Sturr for Mark Springston

  • All seats are filled first meeting is this afternoon.  Will be presenting TIP and Bylaws.

Campus Technology Services Report - Mike Pisa

  • It is the middle of the semester and there are a lot of events going on this month and unknown expectations, and things we had not planned on.  Currently the biggest thing is the planning and efforts going into the science building, Wilber and Park.  We are almost at the point that we have to start buying equipment but we have to have things in place so that people can be functional.  We are trying to be proactive.  We hope to start installing things in January and to follow suite to getting networking and cabling into the building hopefully Park will be able to get back on track. 
  • Other - Put out a call in August to department chairs and their secretaries for FCR - the gist of the text is this was for primary faculty machines purchased prior to 2008, list of 125 devices.  We have put in an order for the first 16 of those machines. Will try to post where we are with that - trying to strategize and scheduling is difficult. 
  • Marcia commented about process- loved Google docs, and that you could see what other departments were putting out for requests.  I hope it will be done again.  Mike - it will be a continual process - if we can do 10-15 a month.
  • CTS will be participating as a department with International Ed., there will be a large contingent of Korean students coming in in January.  We have been talking about ways to make this a great experience for these incoming students.  There will be some language barriers, getting them set up - will be bringing in a couple of students for translation.
  • In February - March we had a company come in and do a penetration test.  They did a few things - they tested our network to see how they could connect, they also did some social engineering, and physical access to computer rooms, switch rooms.  Overall we came out pretty good - two of the biggest concerns were that we didn't do an adequate job of knowing when someone was attacking our network.  We also had people respond to a phishing scam that they created and provided their credentials.  Over 20% of the people provided their credentials.
  • A couple of things we will be doing is actually going to see a presentation from a company that outsources some of the monitoring;  other businesses have a dedicated security staff;  the other is contract with them to come in and do some training - social engineering, we have contracted with them for three days in October-November, about 45 minute sessions.  They have also pointed us in the direction of an online application - we are doing the in-person sessions first, two before thanksgiving and one during WBO.
  • Discussion regarding login security.

Presentation - National Cyber Security Month - GreyCastle
Penetration Test

  • What we did - Determined what was most important to the college (about a list of 8-10 items).
  • What was found - One item phishing email 40 percent clicked on the link, 20 percent filled out the form.
  • Strengths - Did well with network access control and physical security - above average.
  • Weakness - Security awareness, security monitoring, and password management.
  • Where we going - Security awareness training & Security monitoring