NOVEMBER 9, 2012

114 Campus Center

Attending:  Marcia Burrell, Mike Pisa, Eric Hellquist, Larry Fuller, John Kane, Chris Hebblethwaite, Brenda Farnham, Dave Bozak, Kelly Roe, Patrick Moochler, Mark Springston, Abby Wiertzema, Dan Griffin, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, Pat Pacitti, Jean Dufore, Beck Truax, Pat MacNeil, Aaron Reece, Kathi Dutton, Kris Smith

Approval of Agenda - Agenda approved

  • Motion to approve, Pat MacNeil, Second the motion, Chris Hebblethwaite

Approval of Minutes - Minutes approved

  • Motion to approve, Chris Hebblethwaite, Second the motion, Dave Bozak

Open Session Q & A

  • Chris H.:  There is now a printer in 24 hour room in the library.
  • Dave B.: Like the new look of the website.Eric H.:  Computer lab experience 10 minute rule using program in164 when student and I went to use it, it wasn't there, we were told probably because computers were not on long enough, Graph Pad Prism - the application was uninstalled as base image.
  • Aaron:  We had to use app virtualization with a special plug in, however,  it shouldn't be taking 10 minutes but we have seen some issues with startup time, authentication steps - may take a couple of minutes for virtual applications.
  • Marcia:  New website email button gone - Pat:  ftp problem.

Committee Reports - Focus Groups/Goal Setting

Applications & Equipment - Chris Hebblethwaite

  • Election of TIP members, encouraged to move quickly.  We discussed things the council might do the rest of the semester.  Security education piece - committee thought more through WBO.
  • Marcia:  Security workshop was helpful.
  • John:  Brief discussion of email expiration.

Elections & Bylaws

  • Marcia:  Passed the bylaws during October meeting and went to ITC, they made their endorsement.  Will follow-up on.

Education - John Kane

  • Clicker software worked very well for about three weeks, then problem was fixed, and they worked for a week and then broke again.  People are working on it, a bit disruptive.  Discussion on Wi-Fi in classroom.  Greg was present and noted that there doesn't seem to be many complaints about connectivity.  Rarely above capacity.  Some of the problems are in Rich and the Café; they need to contact the help desk.
  • Marcia:  Mentioned two classrooms in Wilber.
  • Also talked a bit about faculty owned computers, policy change of not allowing faculty to connect their own computers.  Suggestion that it came from above.  Discussion specifically where we do not have Wi-Fi for faculty and they don't have computers yet.
  • Also discussed, talked a bit about Splashtop also addressed the issue of lynda.com as opposed to Skillport.  Last year there were 54 users, Kelly was going to look into licensing, it is fairly expensive.  It may be cheaper with bulk purchases.  Asked for suggestions for WBO workshops.

Ad-Hoc on Technology Plan - Mike Pisa

  • One of things to do is give a status of the goals of what we have put forth for this year and we can report on that, next step in January/February get a group together and start working on the rolling plans for the next year. 

ITC Report - Mark Springston

  • Met on Wednesday, had several discussions on individual email accounts vs. department issues.  Discussing a possible focus group on that.  Also talked about employees when they leave what stays and what remains - Google docs, etc.
  • Several reports from CTS and CTAB.
  • Photos in banner - worked out a new agreement - when students get id they are also notified that their photos will be used for other issues.
  • John:  will it roll into angel - Mike, no it cannot roll into angel.
  • Discussion regarding photos in banner - advisee list - concepts and perceptions of what they want done.
  • Marcia:  Side note -- for students to register for ACT or SAT they have to download a picture in advance of registering.

Campus Technology Services Report - Mike Pisa

  • Had a discussion with Provost's Council regarding TIP, they are pretty enthusiastic and want it to happen.
  • Quick turn-around time, want to have it back to this floor by February.
  • Will most likely meet in January for presentations.
  • Next year we can move it up earlier in the semester by October maybe and get decision done in November and purchase by spring semester.
  • Marcia:  chairs and directors were sent for academic equip with a due date of 11-26 and the date for TIP is also 11-26.
  • Security training session, there were three sessions on 10/29, about 80 attendees - there are about 1200 employees on campus 99 percent need to see no matter where they are, encourage all faculty and staff to attend.
  • Will do two more sessions during WBO and a follow up with the same instructor for higher level with CTS staff.
  • Reviewed tech news www.oswego.edu/cts/technews
  • Dave B.: NY alert failed for Hurricane Sandy.  Mike - capacity runs via other systems, cell towers, email systems, text.
  • Discussion regarding campus coverage.

Select TIP representatives

  • Marcia:  Every year two CTAB members on SCAP, as Mark said, we were able to select two reps from ITC - need two from CTAB.  Would like a diverse group.
  • Will try to convene during winter break.
  • Kelly Roe and Brenda Farnham volunteered.
  • Nomination move Dave Bozak, Second Chris Hebblethwaite, moved by acclimation.


Virtual Lab Demo (8:50am)

  • Aaron Reece - demonstration and explanation on how the virtual lab works.
  • Questions & Answers

Andrea Adair, Gartner (9:10am)

  • Gartner - we are the consumer reports of information technology.
  • Resources and what they are.
  • Link on the library webpage a-z look for Gartner.
Meeting adjourned - 9:35am