CTAB Minutes
Friday, March 9, 2012
114 Campus Center

Attending:  Larry Fuller, Chris Hebblethwaite, Brenda Farnham, Kelly Roe, Michele Hamer, Abby Wiertzema, Dave McQuin, Mike Pisa, Joe Moreau, Mike Flaherty, Pat Pacitti, Natalie Sturr, Jean DuFore, Pat MacNeill, Barb St. Michel

Agenda change - Presentation and Chairs report switched

No changes to previous month minutes. Approved

Open session
Guest Mark Michel is a student working through Student Association to become a part of the CTAB group.

Natalie - For Mark Springston
Problems with Macbook and had issue prior to leaving for the conference.  Wanted to send a thank you to Dave Kahn for fixing.
Also one to CTS for customizing the labs he teaches in and making it better for his students.

Presentation - Jogy Das, Assistant Dean, School of Education
Presentation on how TK20 works for assignments and the data it generates
This program is also used for the placement of students.
Info about schools demographics
Cooperating teachers can use for assessment of students
Students can have a portfolio of their work kept for ten years

Applications and Equipment - Natalie
Images for faculty, staff and student machines all went smoothly this year.  There were a few requests for the image
Mobile device management project moving forward  
Assessment management moving along
Next meeting 4/4/2012 in the Library

Education - Bill Goffe
Evaluating clickers continues

Elections and By Laws - Larry Fuller
Larry will be taking over but not able to attend because of class. Marcia will be working with him for future recruitment.

Tech Plan - Mike Flaherty
Ongoing work
All information updated on the web
Benchmarks from CTS very ambitious of what they want to do

Benchmarks approved to move forward
Needs assessment summary report shared
Mike asked Joe to go out and talk with people about their needs instead of a survey
Ten to twelve pages of information of needs came from the group meetings
Broken down to common themes
All listed on summary report
Motion and approved to enter into part of the tech plan
Next step three-year goals and objectives. Possibly next meeting ready to discuss
CTS is working on the annual Benchmark report

ITC report Natalie for Mark
DSI survey results to being tallied
Report out in near future
Next meeting 3/23

CTO Report - Joseph Moreau
Paul Taylor's father passed away
Windows 7 deployments faster than expected 15-20 per week
Upgrade to Sophos version 10 went out smoothly
Annual summer planning meeting with Tom and Yvonne
Wireless in residence halls done by 2013
Project list for summer is ambitious for this year
Should be doable
A lot of summer programs scheduled and to work around
March 29 10:00 am Gartner webinar Lanigan Hall Room 37C -Tablet direction in next 24 months

Exec meeting after CTAB
Tech plan
Updated user name and pass. Help desk was a great help
Shared drives great thing
Did you know you can get a video camera and headset from help desk?
More potential
Marcia will be chair one more year after that need someone new
Change info on webpage - Deb

Dept. chair email account to cut down on the email in personal account
Create a chair email address to help lighten up the load
Department accounts
Campus wide for all depts.
Joe to take to Provost Council
Needs to be used

Next meeting on April 13, 2012, CC114

Respectively submitted,

Deborah J Haynes