Friday, February 10, 2011
114 Campus Center

Alex Pantaleev, Scott Roby, Bill Goffe, Chris Hebblethwaite, Brenda Farnham, Kelly roe, Weston Kensinger, Mark Springston, Dan Griffin, Joseph Moreau, Mike Pisa, Paul Taylor, Tyrone Johnson Neuland, Nicole Decker, Mike Flaherty, Pat Pacitti, Natalie Sturr, Jean Dufore, Becky Truax, Pat MacNeill, Rick Buck, Tim Yager, Barbara St. Michel

Agenda - approved

Approval of minutes from December 9, 2011 - approved

Open session

  • Mike Flaherty - Asked a question about searching for a document on our website and to have the most recent document be displayed in the search.  Not a document or webpage that is ten years old as this will certainly discourage prospective students and/or parents.
  • Comments from the group were that the search is based on Google analytics  
  • The metadata needs to be accurate so that key words are used.  Rick can fix this so that Commencement 2012 rises to the top or any other documents or pages that are of interest
  • Old documents need to be cleaned out.
  • Scott Roby had a faculty complaint of reimaging of lab computers.  They would like advanced notice of lab computers being reimaged as a third party software was removed and needs to stay on the computers.
  • Comment from Paul Taylor - contact is made with department secretary and department chair.
  • If there are other lab problems please contact Paul Taylor directly. Tim Yager commented about software review is currently going on.
  • Weston Kensinger is the new representative for Health Promotion and Wellness.
  • Bill Goffe is the new member for Economics.

Education Committee - Bill Goffe

  • John Kane has stepped down and Bill Goffe has stepped in and has been formally elected
  • Evaluated new clicker programs
  • Education committee working closely with CELT
  • Next Meeting will be 2/29/2012 at 9:00 am

Application and Equipment Committee - Natalie Sturr

  • Working towards clicker updates
  • Windows 7 timeline
  • Password change utility
  • Merging into more systems with passwords
  • This is NOT a single sign onSuggestions for imaging Due by 2/27
  • End of April will be able to look at new image
  • Paul commented that this is a good time for department labs to remind CTS of special programs
  • that need to stay on computersMobile device management is continuing
  • Next meeting will be 2/29/2012 at 8:00 am in the library

Mike Flaherty had a question about mobile devices and where instructions are on CTS website on how to connect with mobile devices.  Mike Pisa commented that each mobile device is different and therefore it is difficult to list each mobile device and how to.

Elections and By Laws Committee

  • Currently there is no chair.  The executive committee will be approaching a few people as ask if they might be interested.

Adhoc Technology Plan – Mike Flaherty

  • Three other things that need to be approved
  • Purpose of the plan - no questions
  • Mission and roles - no questions
  • Annual time - no questions
  • Items approved
  • Needs assessment - Joe has been out talking with groups about their needs – Decided that surveys are not a good way to find out what departments and face to face meetings with groups is better.
Bench marks
  • Will be on the operational side of CTS
  • Will give CTS direction of where they are going in the future
  • Please review the bench marks before the next meeting so it can be moved from draft to final copy
  • The committee should evaluate the bench marks yearly
  • How will bench marks be assessed? Mike to discuss with committee and report back.
  • Benchmarks need to evolve
  • Who will do assessment? Done by CTS department may need to review with groups to make sure that job was done
ITC Report - Mark Springton
  • SCAP was approved by Faculty Assembly.
  • Pieces and parts are being ordered
  • Implementation has begun.
  • Next meeting will be on 2/17

CTS Report - Joe Moreau
  • Moving ahead with desktop upgrades
  • Plan to have wrapped up prior to spring 2013 when Sciences Building will be coming onlineJoe and Nicole attended a Google meeting
  • Government and nonprofit using groups are using Google products
  • New features out in six months – were not specific on what those would be
  • Some of the new things they did hear about were
  • Drag and drop features in mail
  • Polling for availability on calendars
  • Features in contacts
  • Doc features
  • Mail merge in docs
  • There will be training offered by CTS
  • Joe and Nicole attended individual sessions on second day
  • Joe commented that CTS will be able to purchase expanded storage and will pars out to those who need more.
  • Marcia questioned why people attend the CTAB meetings
  • Comments were:
  • Information received
  • Problems others are having and solutions to those problems
  • The pastries – Dan Griffin, especially the raspberry ones
Sharing, Saving and Searching in Google Docs - Presentation by Natalie Sturr