CTAB Minutes
Friday, December 9, 2011
114 Campus Center

Attendance:  Eric Hellquist, Scott Roby, John Kane, Kelly Roe, Dan Wood, Kari Campbell, Mark Springston, Dave Bozak, Dan Griffin, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Nicole Decker, Natalie Sturr, Pat MacNeill, Rich Buck, Pat Pacitti, Tim Yager, Barbara St. Michel, Brenda Farnham, Joe Moreau, Marcia Burrell

Agenda approval - Approved

Approval of Minutes - Marcia's name fix

Open session

  • John Kane commented about faculty not being able to install items to their computer.
  • Joe Moreau commented we need to be careful with local credentials and limit the possibility of having malware spread. CTS needs to provide protection to all who use the shared resources.
  • Tim Yager commented that the roll out of Windows 7 will ease up issues of administrative rights computers.
  • John commented that faculty were under the impression that they would be able to install software on the fly with Internet access.  This does work for faculty with XP machines.
  • Natalie commented that she felt all were not given full disclosure of what is being done with administrative rights. Concerns that this is slowing faculty down from doing their job
  • Joe will work on the issue and get back to everyone
  • Joe Moreau commented that Mike Pisa is in the hospital and to keep him in our thoughts and prayers.  He has requested no visitors.
  • Please keep in mind Virginia Tech with thoughts and prays. Hope we don't go through same issue.

Chairs report

  •  Marcia appreciative of the issues brought to the table.  Do keep in mind that CTS is diligent in their work and working hard for to keep the campus computers safe and in no way being dishonest in work being done.
  • Please keep in mind a chair for CTAB 2013.

Application and Equipment Committee - Natalie Sturr

  • Skype being used and trying to design the configuration to be hassle free. A lot of faculty have it on their machine. Not sure how many are actually using
  • Not on faculty/staff image but easy to get and install. Not cost effective to put on all machines
  • Going to be on the classroom image in a few weeks. ·
  • Skype is not secure so beware. Possible to be hacked. Be careful what u share
  • Google chat no more or less secure than Skype
  • Joe commented about a Barbara Streets and those needing counseling and finding a way to do it via the web and being in compliance with HIPPA regulations.
  • Clicker presentation in CELT conference room
  •  Meetings set for next semester

Elections and Bylaws - Dave Bozak

  • Clearing up left over work.
  • Has resigned as dean.
  • While a lot of complaints and woes about technology, the campus has come a long way in 30 years in technology.

Education - John Kane

  • Mobile connectivity
  • Winter breakout events being worked on and schedule done by end of weekend
  •  A lot of events are being done by CTS
  • A lot about teaching

Adhoc Technology Plan - Joe Moreau

  • Advance the technology plan
  • Working on bench marks. Measurements that we can look at each year and determine how we have advanced each year
  • Joe asked CTS directors of what they see and do
  • Joe shared bench mark draft.  Please review and make notes.  Please comment about bench marks for meeting in February to anyone on the committee, Mike Flaherty, Joe Moreau, Nicole Decker, Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, and Barb St. Michel.  If you have any ideas please share them.
  • Possibly workshop  - Joe will get with John to discuss

ITC Report - Mark Springton

  • Meeting held on December 1
  • Laker apps. One gigabyte restricting - Nicole offered a suggestion around the issue
  • Discussion of purchasing additional storage cheaply.  Don't want to purchase extra here or there. Rather purchase a large amount all at once.
  • ITC assessment discussion for tech plan
  • There will be no ITC meeting prior to the Holiday break.

CTS Report - Joe Moreau

  • Thank you for patience and dedication towards our technology on campus
  • Thank you to Tim for answering some of the tough questions.
  • Positive feedback from other SUNY campus that look to us and what we are doing with our technology
  • We have hired two new desktop support staff, Aaron Pratt starts on Monday and was an employee with CTS and also a graduate of SUNY Oswego.  Ed Mariano - A part of Geek Squad and providing part time help while Melanie Washo is out.
  • With the additional hires that machine deployment will be faster
  • DegreeWorks replace the Cap report - project is being led by our registrar.  Students able to use to help themselves in planning the education career
  • CTS staff winter projects - classroom projects, lab projects and Res hall wiring all on the list
  •   Sent out to daily list information about holiday tech scams, online shopping, be careful.

SCAP vote. 2011-2012 proposals

  • 11 proposals, read and presentation done.
  • Ranked by committee members
  • Joe shared the rankings
  • All info on CTAB website
  • Motion to approved - John Kane - Seconded by Natalie. All in favor - no one opposed
  • Future of SCAP - Last year of SCAP
  • Money now moved for other innovative grants
  • Provost and CTO office will offer a SCAP-like process to be locally funded
  • Process used pretty good.  Possibly streamline with more flexibility doing this locally
  • Timeline for roll out. Alternate funding flexible in doing sooner than later.  Anything funded by SCAP will need to follow guidelines.

Presentation Mobile devices - Rick Buck

Next meeting - February 10, 2012, 114 Campus Center

Have a safe and happy holiday season!!

Respectively submitted,

Deborah Haynes