December 7, 2012

 114 Campus Center

Attending:  Marcia Burrell, Mike Pisa, Eric Hellquist, Larry Fuller, John Kane, Brenda Farnham, Dave Bozak, Kelly Roe, Mark Springston, Abby Wiertzema, Dan Griffin, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, Jean Dufore, Pat MacNeil, Doug Pippin, Shashi Kanbar, Kimberly McGann, Tim Yager, Natalie Sturr, Kris Smith


Approval of Agenda – Agenda approved

  •  Motion to approve, Dan Griffin, Second the motion, Mike Flaherty

Approval of Minutes – Minutes approved

  •  Motion to approve,  Mike Flaherty, Second the motion, Pat MacNeil

Open Session - Q&A

  •  Natalie - Security workshop was fun.  Presenter was good.
  •  Marcia - Going to a workshop is a good confirmation of what we should know.
  •  John – They will be doing a couple more presentations in January.
  •  Mike P. – We recorded the last session; we will probably put it on Angel.
  • Discussion regarding security...
  •  Mike F. - confirm what I learned if a piece of the network goes now at night, who do you call?  Mike P. - University Police.  Apparently whoever was on the desk at UP did not know what the protocol was.
  •  Mike F. - Central heating did a good job following through.
  •  Discussion regarding communication.
  • Mike F. – David James and Bob Hageny were a great deal of help.
  •  Mike P. - UP may have interpreted the phone call wrong.  If it is a critical service they need to be called.
  •  John K. - I met with new faculty to discuss challenges - two people who were not use to having administrative rights, one person called the help desk multiple times for updates.  They were not aware that they could request administrative rights.  Mike - I will send an email to faculty.
  •  Marcia - statement - does it matter that people are going outside of CTS to get what they need - people bringing in their own laptops.  We need to make sure that faculty and staff get what they need.  What is our role as CTAB?  We are an advisory board and what do we need to do.
  •  Mike P. - I am not aware of any wave of people doing that.  If we don't know we can’t help them.  When I sent out the form for faculty computer replacement requests, there was a comment field and some put in a comment that their computer hasn't worked in months, if they don't notify us we can’t help them.
  •  Faculty assembly doesn't see CTS as very helpful.
  •  Natalie - We ourselves need to direct.
  •  Jean - There are very few representatives from departments here.  If we get more departments here they can relay the info to their departments.
  • Marcia - there are some departments that are not coming to our meetings and that is where some of the complaints are coming from.
  • Mike P. – showed the faculty replacement spreadsheet for tenured faculty.  We also have 24 requests in to replace even older stuff for adjuncts.  There were comments that faculty put in and they say it is 12 years old when actually it is 6.  When you hear the complaints, have the people call the help desk.
  • Mike F. - Marcia if you contacted Joan, ask if CTAB can do a presentation at faculty assembly. 
  • Mark  - Maybe in the spring CTS can do one of the reports.
  • Marcia – I will go to Joan and ask to be put on the agenda – ITC.
  • Mike P. – When faculty computers are replaced, they are given a document which gives them the link to complete a form to request administrative rights.  We will send out a reminder at the beginning of the spring semester regarding administrative rights.

 Committee Reports

 Applications & Equipment – Natalie

  • I have worked with this committee for a long time and we were out of issues.  Received one complaint regarding an ATC which I took to Tim.  No items.  We will get a meeting list for spring. 
  • We will be reviewing the image in the Feb - March.

 Elections & Bylaws

 Education – John

  • Discussed Lynda and Skillport.  Kelly and Nicole are going to look at other options.
  • Couple licensing options looked at - kiosk approach, the other is a limited number of licenses that can be rotated.
  • Other major discussion was spring break out, many have been scheduled.  If you have any suggestions please let us know - hoping to have final list next week.
  • Lecture capture - CTS is looking for suggestions/ways to extend lecture capture - expand to about 10 a year.
  • Shared workshop listing - trying to come up with shared listing.  CELT, CTS, Pat’s workshops, Angel, etc.  It was thought that it might be nicer to be able to have a common registration system.  Goal is to work to one common listing.
  • Dave B. - What happened to the online calendar system?
  • Pat M. - Public affairs has a calendar.
    • Discussion regarding public calendars.
  • To be discussed at the next applications committee meeting.
  • Mark – SUNY Oswego calendar for faculty should also be should be viewable by students.

Ad-Hoc on Technology Plan

ITC Report – Mark S.

  • We met November 28th, Mike announced about TIP grants.  I do think we need to recognize Natalie for putting that forward and Mike.
  • Members identified several things that we will be working on in the spring.

Campus Technology Services Report – Mike P.

  • Presentations for TIP grants have been scheduled - approximately $225,000 requested.  We will have to decide when we can actually digest after the presentations, and then we will bring the recommendations back at the February meeting.
  • Sciences building technology is ongoing.
  • Trying to make sure there is some level of comprehension and expectation.

Presentation – Mike P.

SUNY IT - Transformation

The SUNY Chancellor held a conference two weeks ago from varying sectors a lot of discussions, there is a lot of look towards technology to come in and play a role.  There was a group put together they came up with what they called 6 big ticket items.

  • Adopt Existing Finance and Human Resources Functionality - SUNY System Administration provides those services.
  • Virtual procurement transaction processing center (TCP) - Try to consolidate purchasing.
  • Common student information systems (SIS) - Significant and immediate need to enhance the broader system-view of information.  Common coding.  Campuses should be able to share student information.
  • University-wide Degree Planning - Well underway.  Production system is almost ready to go.
  • Identity Tracking and Management (SUNY Federated Security) - SUNY portal has been changed.  When you go to login to suny.edu it will direct you back to our site.
  • Migrating Campus-based Services to the SUNY Cloud - we already do this in some aspects but we still have a number of servers and services.
    • Mike showed the SUNY shared services link

Update on Technology

  • Residence Hall Communications Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Network Component Backup Power
  • Campus-wide Wireless Network Expansion
  • Internet2 Connectivity
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Completion of VOIP
  • Network Component Refresh

Academic Projects

  • Lecture Capture
  • Advanced Technology Classroom Expansion
  • Advanced Technology Classroom Refresh
  • Desktop Application/Virtualization Application
  • Computer Lab Refresh
  • Angel Upgrade/Conversion
  • Capital Project Planning

Broad Based Support and Development Projects

  • Help Desk Ticketing System Overhaul
  • Remote Desktop Support Expansion
  • Web Portal Implementation
  • Digital Asset Repository Implementation
  • Technical Staffing and Organization
  • Training Assessment and Redesign

Future Proofing

  • Internet Connection Capacity Upgrade
  • Data Center Electrical HVAC Upgrade
  • Assessment of Network Security
  • Identity management system overhaul
  • Etextbook and Digital Content Exploration and Adoption

Administrative Projects

  • Expand Data Reporting and Analysis Tools and Systems
  • Upgrade the Banner Student Information System to Version 9
  • Participate in SUNY Planning for DegreeWorks
  • Campus-wide Print Output
  • Maintain the Currency of Faculty/Staff Individual Computing Devices
  • Expand the Utilization of the Document Management System

Natalie - Thank you to Mike for all the work that CTS has done. 

Mike Flaherty – If you are not aware, we have about 40 Korean students coming in January and will be coming for about the next three years.  It is estimated that we will have about 200 Korean students on campus by the end of the third year.  They come from one of the most advance technology places – their biggest issue on campus is public transportation.  They did a great presentation. 

Natalie - Thanks CTS to expand our printing capabilities - share with your students that there is now a printer in our 24-hour room, quick print stations expanded from two to three.  Students can print to the 24-hour room from their own computer.

Dave - Search for the CTO is proceeding.

Meeting Adjourned.