Campus Technology Advisory Board
Minutes of Meeting
Apr 13, 2012

Attending: Eric Hellquist, Scott Roby, Bill Goffe, Chris Hebblethwaite, Brenda Farnham, Kello roe, Weston Kensinger, Mark Springston, Michele Hamer, Abby Wiertzema, Dan Griffin, Joseph Moreau, Mike Pisa, Paul Taylor, Mike Flaherty, Pat Pacitti, Natalie Sturr, Pat MacNeill, Mark Michel, Barb St. Michel, Tim Yager

The agenda was modified and the report of the Ad-Hoc Tech Plan Committee will be the first business on the agenda. The agenda was approved as amended.

Ad-Hoc on Tech Plan - Mike Flaherty

Mike Flaherty thanked Natalie Sturr for her assistance in reviewing and proofing the last pieces of the plan. Mike Flaherty reviewed the Annual Implementation Plan for 12/13. He and Joe Moreau provided background information on each item and answered questions.

A year ago, we started with an Outline and Framework. Now, we have a fully fleshed out plan. Next year, we can begin to assess Year 1 as we start planning for Year 2.

The Committee spent considerable time looking through the Needs Assessment Reports making sure the issues are incorporated into the 3 Year Goals & Objectives, and that the Annual Implementation Plan accurately reflects the Goals & Objectives.

Still to come: Benchmark Report for 2011-2012.

Marcia suggested that the projects can be put into a Gantt chart. The goal is to create transparency of the status of the projects.

A motion to approve the 3 Year Goals & Objectives was made by Natalie Sturr and seconded by Chris Hebblethwaite. Motion passed.

A motion to approve the Annual Implementation Plan for 2012-2013 was made by Natalie Sturr and seconded by Chris Hebblethwaite. Motion passed.

Marcia noted she would like the Ad Hoc committee to be a standing committee. Larry Fuller & Dave Bozak are working on a bylaws amendment to make this possible.

Student Photos in Banner

This topic came up for discussion as an outgrowth of the discussion on the Tech Plan. The question is when will we be able to have student photos in Banner. Mark Springston, Chair of ITC, said the concept was approved by FA in Feb 2011. Joe Moreau explained that CTS has been working on this, and is now happy to report that SunGard is finally making this functionality available as delivered functionality.

Mike Flaherty, Auxiliary Services, provided further background information. He stated that Aux Services "owns" the photos and that in the past, students only consented to having their photos used on ID cards. Starting in Summer of 2011, the consent form included that photos could be used in Banner. Mike had consulted SUNY Counsel for assistance on this matter. When students get an ID replaced, they sign another consent form. Approximately 10,000 ID's are replaced each year.

Praise, Question, Polish

Natalie thanked CTS for dealing with Wed am network outage so quickly.

Michele Hamer thanked CTS for all their assistance to the Grad Office with getting their CRM up and running and for helping with getting the student application process fully online.

Marcia reported that Larry Fuller had suggested in ITC that ergonomics is something to investigate. Joe suggested we work on that next year.

Marcia asked about selling Apple products in the bookstore. Mike Flaherty and Joe Moreau explained that Apple has set such a high level of sales needed to be an Apple reseller that we cannot possibly reach it.

Chair's Report - Marcia Burell

Please take the time to look at Tech News and share it with your departments. It gives us a good picture of the number and wide variety of CTS-related projects happening on campus.

Committee Reports

Application/Equipment Committee - Natalie Sturr

CTS presented information on the Mobile Device Management project and demonstrated Apple Configurator, a product introduced by Apple only a month ago. The committee gained a solid understanding of what is, and is not, in the marketplace. There was great discussion on issues - both from CTS and from committee members.

For the short-term, CTS will be using Apple Configurator to provision and support iOS products. At the moment, there is no parallel product for Android product. Thus support for Android products will need to be limited.

Joe thanked Tim Yager for his work in leading this project. Tim & Dave Kahn have done a huge amount of work evaluating products, drafting guidelines, and working with Apple Configurator.

Also - CTS will have the prototype images for Fac/Staff and Student machines available the week of April 23. Everyone is invited & encouraged to review the machines and the software on them.

Education - Bill Goffe

The current clicker system, PRS, is old, awkward to use and is no longer being supported. A small group worked on evaluating and selecting a clicker replacement. iClicker is being recommended. It is easy to use for instructors and has a reasonable price point for students. Further, it has a nugget available for Angel that can automatically populate clicker information into the Angel roster.

A motion to recommend that iClicker be the new campus standard for clicker technology was moved by Pat MacNeill and seconded by Kelly Roe. Motion passed.

ITC - Mark Springston

The Council met earlier this week and the primary agenda item was discussion of the electronic DSI pilot. Mark has reviewed the results and reports that 80% responded to some extent that they would like to see the electronic process continue, while 20% to some degree did not want to see the process continue. The survey provided valuable feedback to improve the support documentation and process. ITC recommends that FA considers a motion to expand the project and allow all departments to opt-in.

Next meeting - May 2.

CTS - Joe Moreau

The entire campus received positive feedback from the Middle States Accreditation. Joe said he has been involved with 7 or 8 accreditations in the past, either on a campus or as a reviewer. This is the first time he has ever heard of a campus not getting any recommendations. This speaks volumes about the quality of the institution and the quality of the work of the self-study team. Joe said he received a number questions on "how" we did things rather than "what" we did. Members of the visiting team were eager to take advice from our campus back to their home campuses.

CTS is rapidly gearing up for summer. There are a lot of projects planned with CTS and Facilities.

Joe extended his thanks to everyone for their work and support of the Tech Plan.


Postponed until May meeting. We know we won't have SCAP, but there will be some money that will use a SCAP-like process.

Joe suggested that we make our recommendations advisory to the Provost and not have to go through FA. The timeline of FA makes it extremely difficult to plan and implement purchases. Joe has already talked to the Provost about this.

Discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Next meeting:
Friday, May 4. 8:00-9:30am
Campus Center 114


Submitted by:
Natalie Sturr