CTAB Minutes

Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Minutes
Friday, May 6, 2011
Campus Center 201

Attendance:   Scott Roby, John Kane, Chris Hebblethwaite, Jane Winslow, Mark Springston, Dave Bozak, Dan Griffin, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Mike Flaherty, Natalie Sturr, Jean DuFore, Becky Truax, Pat MacNeill, Tim Yager, Pat Pacitti

Agenda Approved

April Minutes Approved

Praise, Question, Polish

·                  Jane Winslow thanked CTS for the worked that has been done, issues addressed and handled smoothly

·                  Joe Moreau thanked Marcia Burrell for her service to the group, great year of discussions

·                  Marcia thanked the group for their support over the past two years.  Commented on the strengths and improvements done by the group.  Still there are some concerns with attendance and communication to work on in the future.

·                  Reasons for those in attendance and keep coming back

Being kept informed of changes

Collaboration with CTS

Making sure that faculty have a say

Being part of the dialogue

The subcommittee work that is brought back to be shared with the larger group

Keeping faculty involved and the ability to do their work

Everyone’s voice is important that moves the group towards accomplishments

Things that will be worked on for next year
·        Computing Rights & Responsibilities
·        Tech Plan

·    SCAP Representatives

Dan Griffin

Jane Winslow

Abby Wiertzema – Alternate

·    CTAB Chair

Marcia Burrell

Applications and Equipment – Natalie Sturr
·        Minutes to be posted soon
·        Thank you to those who have served on the committee
·        Thank you to those that took time to look at the new image
·        Next year  tablet discussions
·        VHS and the demise
·        Dave McQuin discussed what is happening with VHS and how it will affect the uses here on campus.  A questionnaire will be sent out this fall for faculty to fill out on how they use VHS in their classes and what format they wish to move towards
·        Mike Flaherty questioned if there is a copyright issue when transferring from VHS to DVD and the answer is yes.  Best practice would be to purchase the item on DVD.
By Laws – Dave Bozak

·                  No Report

·                  Need more time to review the changes that need to be done

·                  Will pick back up in the fall

Adhoc on Tech Plan – Mike Flaherty (Joe Moreau)
·        No Report

Education Committee – John Kane

·                  Did not meet

·                  Spring Breakout schedule is out and there are 43 presentations to choose from.

ITC – Mark Springston

·                  Continuing the work on Electronic DSI

·                  Have about five maybe a few more departments will to be a part of the pilot pool

·                  Need to elect SCAP representatives

Academic Division – Mike Ameigh (Joe Moreau)
·        No Report

CTS – Joe Moreau
·        Laker Apps – still waiting to hear from SUNY Counsel
·        Laker Apps Domain infrastructure to be updated after graduation, this will help with the conflicting accounts that we have on campus.  There are about 2100 of them.
·        There is new support for Chat in LakerApps that tracks the discussions

·    Information Security

Verizon to released their 2010 date breach report.

Attacks are becoming for sophisticated and multi layered

·        Student Associate Representative

Met with student rep and discussed the spam that students are starting to receive on their smart phones

Students need to not respond to the spam for their safety

Needs to have a discussion about smart phones for awareness

·    Support for Tablet Devices – more discussion next year

Document Support

Wireless Support

Application Support

Device security and protection

·    FACT2

Digital content legislation – spring breakout session

Learning Environment – design samples

Information Security – will report to CTAB group about Data Breach reporting and a response plan

·    Document Retention

Working with our new registrar to set up guidelines

·    Employee Separation

Working on guidelines for when employees move from one department to another, leave state employment either retirement or other means.  What should their access be to campus information

·    Visits from other Campus’

We have other campus’ looking at our new initiatives in Document imaging, Office 2010 migration, VOIP.  We are taking a lead role in these and should proud of our accomplishments that we share.

·    Internet Connection 2

This will enable us to support the Metro Center more efficiently

Patch Wednesdays – Tim Yager
·        Tim Yager discussed how and what time Patch Wednesday will take place.  Nothing will be put out until it is fully tested by CTS and within the CTS group

Have a great summer, see everyone in the fall.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah J. Haynes