Faculty Computer Replacement Schedule

Faculty Computer Replacement Schedule

We received 113 requests for computer replacements, we have identified  the Tenure track faculty(59) as first priority with the oldest machines being replaced first.
We plan on ordering 10-12 new computers each month and get them installed as quickly as we can.

We will also be replacing any machine identified as going to an adjunct with a "newer" machine, not a brand new machine. We are just now starting that(1/23) and 24 machines have been identified.

The Faculty Computer Replacement status for 2012/13 as of 3/11/2013. (PDF)


Below is the announcement that was distributed on 8/14/12.

Chairs and Secretaries,

The faculty computer replacement process will resume this fall. Please canvass your departments to identify faculty office computers that were purchased BEFORE August 1, 2008. A GoogleApps form is available to department secretaries to input data. 

It will be helpful to have this information no later than Friday, September 14th.Computers will be prioritized for replacement  according to age. Computers being replaced  must be turned over to CTS when the new computers are installed.  
Note: Computers used for labs or other dedicated purposes that are not primary faculty  computers are not replaceable under this initiative. Each request will be reviewed to assure location/assignment information corresponds to data contained in campus inventory records.  We will work to resolve any discrepancies that may arise and update records. This will be a year-long process with approximately 8-10 computers installed per month. Everyone's patience will be appreciated.

All requests must be selected from the four options indicated at:

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this matter.