Campus Technology Services

Taking Steps for the Future

When SUNY Oswego receives a Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint, we take action. The following procedures are used when acting upon a complaint.

  1. Campus Technology Services(CTS) first checks to make sure the complaint is valid. The complaints are almost always emailed and CTS verifies that certain pieces of information and certain wording required by law are included in it.
  2. If the complaint is indeed valid, the network connection of the offending computer is immediately turned off.
  3. The complaint is then forwarded to the Office of Judicial Affairs to determine how the incident should be handled. In some cases, CTS staff and the registered user of the computer will meet to discuss the complaint and educate the user on the DMCA. In other cases, Judicial Affairs handles the situation. In either case, the user must remove the copyrighted material from their computer or contest the complaint.
  4. The network connection of the offending computer is blocked for a minimum of two weeks, possibly longer. In some cases, a reconnection fee may be applied.