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Frequently Asked Questions by New Students

What follows are lists of answers to questions parents and students commonly ask CTS during orientation sessions. If you have more questions that need answering, please consult the rest of our FAQs or contact us. We can be reached by email at or by phone at 315.312.3456.

Computers and residence halls


Is wireless Internet access available in the residence hall rooms?
Yes, wireless is available in all residence hall rooms.

What hardware and software are needed on my computer to connect to the wireless campus network? What does the campus provide?
Please consult the Campus Wireless Frequently Asked Questions.

What hardware and software are needed on my computer to connect to the wired campus network? What does the campus provide?
You will need a computer with a functioning ethernet card, and a CAT-5 ethernet cable. If you do not have an ethernet card installed in your computer or an ethernet cable, you will need to purchase these items at the College Book Store or another store.

How long an Ethernet cable should I purchase?
An Ethernet cable of 25' in length will be sufficient for most rooms.

Can I use a tablet computer on the campus network?
All Apple products (iPads, iPhones, and iPods), the latest Android-based devices (Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Kindle Fires, etc...) and Surface Tablets (RT and Pro) work on our wireless network. Check the CTS Wireless website for instructions on connecting.

What assistance will I get when I am trying to connect to the network in my room?
The  Help Desk provides basic phone and email support at x3456 and, respectively. Depending on the situation, our technicians may be able to remotely connect and assist you via Bomgar remote support. We also provide walk-in assistance during normal business hours.

What type of network does the campus have?
 On-campus, fiber optic cabling runs between buildings providing network connectivity to campus-based network services and to the Internet.  The campus has a redundant network connection with two Internet Service Providers that connects the on-campus network infrastructure to the Internet. 

The campus requires we have anti-virus software. What product do you recommend?
SUNY Oswego pays for a site license for Sophos Antivirus. All registered students may download this software at no charge to them. The newest version of Sophos Antivirus can be obtained from our Software Download page. If you have different anti-virus software installed already, it may also work on ResNet. Just ensure it is up-to-date with the latest virus definition files.

Should I bring a printer with me?
It is worth bringing a printer only if you desire the convenience of printing within your dorm room, or if you need to print on special stock (color paper, resume grade, glossy prints, etc). We do not provide assistance with setting up or troubleshooting personal printers.

Can I print to a computer lab printer from my dorm room?
Yes. Using the Pharos printing software, you can download print drivers that allow you to print to a computer lab printer from your room.

Can I use voice and/or video conferencing software?
Telephony software such as Skype should work in most scenarios, however we do not provide assistance with setting up or troubleshooting these programs.

Can I use instant messaging software on campus?
Popular instant messaging software programs  should connect and allow basic chat functions. Due to the infinite number of messaging programs available, we cannot guarantee that every single one will work precisely as advertised. 

Do you provide hardware support?
No, hardware repair should be pursued through the product’s company or vendor. If the hardware is no longer under warranty, the Help Desk will provide a contact list of repair facilities in the surrounding area. If the computer was purchased through the College Store, the owner will be directed there for warranty support assistance.

Does the campus provide academic software discounts?
Yes, the College Store offers computer software at academic discount prices.

How much RAM and processor speed does my computer need?
The current minimum system requirements are listed online.  

Can I use my game console online?
An Xbox or similar device is considered a separate machine and therefore an additional fee will be applied. In order to register the game console with Resnet, you will need to fill out the Register an Additional ResNet Device form through Self Service. You will have to sign in using your Laker NetID and password.

Can I connect a router in my room?
No. The use of network routers (wired or wireless) are strictly prohibited by the Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy in the Student Handbook.

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General computing questions

When can I activate my Laker NetID?
You will be entered into the college's system once you have paid your initial deposit. Once the deposit is processed, you should be able to activate your Laker NetID. Your Laker NetID gives you access to many technology services. Plan on activating your Laker NetID before arriving to campus.

How many computer labs are available on campus?
There are general access computer labs in the Campus Center, Mahar, and Penfield Library. There are also three computer labs in the residence halls: Hart, Oneida, and Scales. In addition to these open access labs, there are numerous departmental labs located in most academic buildings.

How do you handle printing in the labs?
Each student is allotted 500 pages of print quota per semester. This is an amount determined by CTS that should cover most printing demands for a student. Additional pages can be purchased in $5.00 allotments at Culkin Hall or online. Color printing is available in Penfield Library. A color page will deduct six pages from your print quota, whereas a B&W page deducts one page. Duplex (double-sided) printing is available in all labs and is enabled by default to reduce paper consumption.

Can I reach CTS via email?
The Help Desk can be contacted for technology-related issues and questions at Questions regarding class registration, financial aid, and similar issues should be directed to those specific campus offices.

Do you recommend Apple Macintosh computers?
We recommend that you choose the computing platform that you feel most comfortable with using. Keep in mind that certain majors may require a specific platform or software package, so you may wish to check with the department of your major.

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 Phones and residence halls

Is a landline phone service available in the residence hall rooms?
Due to the pervasiveness of personal cell phones, the campus is providing landline phone service on a request basis only.  Please call the Help Desk at 315.312.3456 to make a request.

Which cell phone provider do you recommend?
We do not provide specific recommendations for cell phones or related services. T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon all get some level of signal in the Oswego area.

Can I use Voice Over IP (VOIP) software to place calls?
VOIP handsets and/or software (such as those provided by Vonage) are not supported.

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 Television and residence halls

How many TV sets are allowed per room?
Wiring specifications allow for a single cable TV connection. Use of "splitters" and similar devices will degrade signal quality and are therefore not supported.

What channels do I get?
Currently, our contract with Time Warner Cable is under review. We will let the campus community know when the list of channels are finalized.

Can I watch TV using a video card on my computer?
Technically this is possible, but we do not provide assistance with doing so.

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Wireless computing questions

Where is wireless access permitted on campus?
CTS wireless access points are intended to cover classrooms and public gathering spaces such as academic commons and dining halls. As of Fall 2013, all residence halls have wireless service. 

How do I use the wireless network?
The wireless network requires a one-time configuration necessary to set-up your device for secure access. Before connecting to the new system, please review and/or print the instructions for your particular device. These instructions and frequently asked questions about the new system can be found at the CTS wireless website

What devices and operating systems are compatible with the wireless network?
The wireless system works with Mac OS 10.6 and above, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and iPhone/iPod Touch firmware version 6.x and higher as well as most Android devices (see wireless instructions for how to connect). The system is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the above-mentioned operating systems. The  network card must be compatible with 802.1x authentication and WPA2 encryption. Most laptops manufactured in the last several years support these technologies. Legacy wireless cards and/or operating systems may require upgrades or replacement in order to connect. Conversely, computers running Windows XP will not be allowed on the campus network.

Can I print to a printer when connected to the wireless network?
Yes. Using the Pharos printing system, you can download print drivers for certain printers on campus - primarily computer lab printers.