Campus Technology Services

What is a Laker NetID?
Your Laker NetID is a set of credentials that allows you access to many important services on campus, including:

  • LakerApps (powered by Google)
  • myOswego (class registration, financial aid, student accounts)
  • ANGEL online learning
  • ResNet service
  • Wireless network
  • CTS computer labs
  • Parking Office website

How do I obtain and/or activate my Laker NetID?
Depending on how you've applied to the college, the steps may slightly differ. To assist you, we have a detailed list of steps.

Is my Laker NetID the same thing as my email address?
No; they are two separate (but related) items. Your Laker NetID is used for identification; your email address is used for communicating with others.

Note that your Laker NetID forms a part of your email address, as demonstrated in this example:

My Laker NetID is misspelled. Can you fix it?
Our system assigns Laker NetIDs automatically, but on rare occasions this process can go awry. If your name is misspelled, contact the Help Desk at x3456 or We can request that your name's spelling be corrected.

I don't like how my Laker NetID looks. Can it be changed?
Our system assigns Laker NetIDs automatically. We only honor change requests if the name in the Laker NetID is misspelled, or if a legal name change has occurred since the Laker NetID was issued (via marriage, divorce etc).

I activated my Laker NetID, but I've since forgotten it. How can I find out what my Laker NetID is?
If you submit the online Laker NetID activation form again, it will list your Laker NetID and email address, and remind you that the account is already activated.

I forgot my Laker NetID password. How can I reset it?
During the initial Laker NetID activation process, you were asked to provide a security question and answer. You can use that question/answer information to reset your Laker NetID password online. The Help Desk does not know your Laker NetID password and cannot provide password resets via email or phone.