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Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2011 (Mac)

Users upgrading from Office 2004 or Office 2008 (Mac) will need to become familiar with a couple of major changes in the 2011 version:

  1. There is a new graphical user interface. Office 2011 no longer utilizes a menu system like previous versions. Rather, it uses a tab and icon-based system called "The Ribbon." This makes the graphical user interface similar on both Mac and PC versions. See the resources section below to become familiar with the new user interface.
  2. Microsoft replaced the Entourage mail program with a Mac version of Outlook.
  3. Speed! Products in the 2011 version are supposed to launch much faster along with certain features, such as charting in Excel.

New Features
In addition to the above changes in the overall suite, there are some new features available in each of the individual products.

  • Word: Full screen view for maximizing reading and editing space, a visual styles guide for formatting text, and a search field within the toolbar with quick search results. Learn More...
  • Excel: use of Excel tables for organizing data, sparklines for visually summarizing trends and patterns into a cell, new PivotTable user interface, and an improved filter for sorting large amounts of data. Learn More...
  • PowerPoint: new Presentation gallery provides professional looking templates to choose from and a new Reshuffle Objects feature for easy layering of objects on a slide. Learn More...
  • Outlook: import from Outlook on the PC feature, color-coded categories for organizing messages, conversation view of reading messages and inline calendaring. Learn More...

To learn more about Office 2011, check out these resources: