Campus Technology Services

Taking Steps for the Future

The Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP)

The CTS purchase of the Microsoft Campus Agreement includes the Home Use Program (HUP) where faculty and staff can purchase the following for work and/or personal use:

  1. one copy of Office 2013 (PC) OR one copy of Office 2011 (Mac) for $9.95 plus tax
  2. a backup DVD for an additional $12.00 plus tax

Stipulations with the Home Use Program:

  1. The software available for purchase through the HUP is available to faculty and staff only. It is not available to students.
  2. The license you purchase can be installed on one desktop device and one laptop and can be used for both personal and work-related purposes.
  3. Upon receiving them, you will not share the download instructions or special program code to non-eligible people (students, people not employed by SUNY Oswego).

System Requirements
Before purchasing the software, check to make sure your computer meets the system requirements and if so, uninstall any previous version of Office you may have.

Get It!

To get started with the purchase, go to the licensed software download page and follow the instructions under the "Microsoft Office for Home Use" section.