Campus Technology Services

Taking Steps for the Future

CTAB Applications/Equipment Committee
Review of CTS Images

(From Application Committee Minutes of 11/2/2005 and 5/3/2006)

  • November: CTAB representatives will invite suggestions from their constituents for additions and major changes to the image (beyond updating to new versions of previously deployed software). These suggestions will be forwarded to the Applications Committee in time to be considered at its February meeting.
  • February - March: Applications and the Image Group will evaluate the feasibility of these suggestions and stabilize a proposed image for new faculty desktops and for lab computers by the time of the Committee's April meeting.
  • April: Three weeks before the last day of classes for the spring semester, the Image Group will make available a faculty desktop machine and a lab machine set up with the proposed images. Members of the Applications Committee and other concerned individuals will review and evaluate these setups.
  • May: The Applications Committee will submit its recommendations to the May CTAB meeting.