Campus Technology Services

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CTAB Applications/Equipment Committee
Review of CTS Images

(From Application Committee Minutes of 11/2/2005 and 5/3/2006)

Criteria for evaluating software requests:

  1. What need would the proposed software serve?
  2. Would there be security issues?
  3. What would be the cost of acquiring the proposed software (including both purchase price and any other related expenses)?
  4. Would the proposed software be compatible with existing systems and software?
  5. What campus based support would be needed?
  6. What vendor or developer support would be available?
  7. Would the proposed software be an addition to or replacement of existing software?
  8. If the proposed software constitutes a replacement, what kind of a transition period would be necessary?
  9. Would it be necessary to provide training for users of the proposed software?
  10. What platform(s) would the proposed software run on?
  11. Where and how would the proposed software be distributed?