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LakerApps Transition -scheduled for 9/9 starting at 4:30pm

As you may know, our LakerApps suite of applications including Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Sites is provided to SUNY Oswego by Google through its Google Apps product line.   Google is currently working on transitioning its Google Apps customers to a new service that will eventually allow us to utilize even more of Google's applications.  In order for this to occur, Google must transition all of our LakerApps accounts to the new service.

On Friday, September 9th at approximately 4:30pm, CTS will begin the transition to the new Google Apps service.  

When your account has been successfully transitioned, you will receive an email from Google with a subject line similar to "Your Google Apps account now works more like a full Google Account."  The email will ask you to log out of LakerApps and then back in to complete the transition.  Please note that it could take several days before you receive this message as there are many SUNY Oswego accounts to transition.

Upon logging in to your transitioned account, you will notice some slight changes in the menu bar of all four applications.  Your email address will become a menu in the upper right of each application.  In this menu you will find the logout option.   You will also notice a gear icon to the right of your email address.  Under this menu, you will find access to each applications configuration settings.

The new service makes one change that may affect how you read multiple Gmail accounts.  If you were reading both your LakerApps Gmail and your personal Gmail accounts in the same browser, you will need to configure your LakerApps account for multiple sign-in for this functionality to continue to work.  Information on how this can be accomplished is available from this Google Help Document.

There will not be any downtime of LakerApps associated with this transition.  You may continue to use all four applications even after the transition has started. There will also not be any changes to the data stored in your account.  All your current Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Sites settings will not be changed.  All your current email, appointments and events, documents and websites will still be in tact.