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Getting Started with LakerApps

LakerApps is SUNY Oswego's suite of applications for email, calendaring, document sharing and personal website creation.  LakerApps is part of the Google Apps for Education product line.  It is provided to SUNY Oswego and hosted by Google.

The four primary applications available in LakerApps include the following:

  1. Gmail - used for reading and sending email.  Features include 25GB of email space, labels for organizing your mail, search, chat, signatures, vacation messages, filters and more.
  2. Calendar - used for keeping your schedule organized.  Features include the ability to create multiple calendars, sharing of calendars with others, inviting others to meetings, task lists and more.
  3. Drive- used for file collaboration and file storage.  Features include creating documents natively within Drive or uploading files created on your computer, sharing documents with others, working collaboratively with others on documents, revision history and more.
  4. Sites - used for the creation of a personal website.  Features include multiple page layouts, themes, ability to create multiple sites, restrict access to pages, collaborate with others on pages or sites and more.

To get started using LakerApps:

  1. Login to LakerApps at the SUNY Oswego Mail Page.  Once logged in, use the links in the upper left of the page to move from one application to another. 
    1. Having trouble logging in?  Check out our "Troubleshooting LakerApps" page.
  2. Configure a mobile device for use with LakerApps.

If you read your mail with a mail client such as Thunderbird, Outlook or Apple Mail, please see our Client Access page for instructions on how to configure each client for use with LakerApps.  Please note that for overall feature functionality with LakerApps, we recommend reading your mail through the web at the SUNY Oswego Mail Page.