Campus Technology Services

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Troubleshooting LakerApps Login

If you cannot login to LakerApps, please review these tips:

  1. Ensure that you are using the first part of your email address (everything before the @ sign) as your username.
    1. For Faculty and Staff, enter the firstname.lastname portion of your SUNY Oswego email address as your username. This is the username you will use ONLY for LakerApps. Continue to use your Laker NetID for login access to other services.
    2. Students should enter their Laker NetID
  2. Verify your email address to ensure you are using the correct username.  To do this, you can go through the email account activation process again and it will inform you.
  3. Have you forgotten your password?  The password for LakerApps is the same one you use to login to other online services such as ANGEL, the wireless network, and the campus computer labs.  You could try logging into one of those services to make sure your password is working correctly - note the username for these services is your Laker NetID.
    1. If you think your password is not functioning properly, you can use the Online Password Reset utility to reset it.
      1. If the online password reset does not work, you will need bring photo ID to the Technology Support Center during scheduled office hours to have it reset in person.