CTS September Newsletter

Taking Steps for the Future

CTS Fall 2014 - September Newsletter
Please see articles below regarding changes, new services and improvements to services that have been completed by CTS over the summer.

Wifi Improvements to Residential Network
This fall semester introduces a few network changes for the students living in the residence halls.  A new wifi system, use of two simultaneous devices, registration fee change for third device...More

Help Desk Self Service - Submit and Check Tickets Online
CTS is happy to announce an online system that will allow you to interact with the Help Desk from your web browser.   The system is called "Self Service" and is available from a link with the same name on the www.oswego.edu/help website...More

Check Computer Availability from the SUNY Oswego Mobile App
In partnership with Public Affairs, CTS would like to announce the availability of the "LabStats" module in the SUNY Oswego mobile app.  You can find it in the bottom row of the app.  The LabStats module lets you see the availability of computers in select computer labs BEFORE you actually go to them...More

Improvements to Shineman Public Printing
Last fall, the Shineman Center opened with one general access quick print station in room 188.  Once the station was fully operational, we quickly heard that one station was not enough.  We are happy to announce.....More

Wifi Expansion in Mahar, Rich and Lanigan
SUNY Oswego has committed to a three year expansion of the campus wifi with the first locations being completed by mid-September.  Year 1 of the three year plan includes wifi expansion to Mahar, Rich, Lanigan second floor, Lee/Shineman Quad, Sheldon Ballroom and Culkin....More

Google Chrome Now the Default Web Browser in Labs and Classrooms
Previously, Internet Explorer (IE) was the default browser in labs and classrooms. However, with the increasing security vulnerabilities in IE, especially the one affecting IE versions 6-11 late last spring, we decided it would be a good time to re-evaluate the default browser...More

Updates to myOswego
myOswego has some updates happening in the near future.  They include an updated transfer course guide, a myOswego Proxy feature, a new user interface scheduled for spring...More 

After Hours Shineman Entry Requires ID
The Shineman Center is open Monday through Friday from 6:15am-10:30pm.  Weekends are variable dependent upon weekend events.  After hours entry will now require your College ID....More

Changes to Printing in Marano Campus Center 206
CTS has made some changes to the printing in Marano Campus Center 206.  Anyone using that room for the Fall 2014 semester should be aware.  The computers in Marano 206 are now set up to print to the printers in room 207, across the hall...More

Help Desk Renovation Completed
The newly renovated CTS Help Desk is now open.  CTS recently renovated the campus Help Desk to better serve our customers. The new setup optimizes the space, allowing us to work more efficiently and to better handle phone and walk-in traffic...More

Personal Wireless Network Devices in Residence Halls
Students living in the residence halls should be careful not to add any personal wireless devices that could affect the operation of the campus wifi system.  Items such as personal wifi routers actually violate the Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy...More