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CLA Help Site: Lab Procedures

As a Computer Lab Assistant, you will be expected to perform several common tasks during your shift. These tasks include, but are not limited to, the following.

  1. Do not wear headphones on your shift. You are there to serve the students, not watch movies.
  2. Be familiar with both Windows & Macintosh operating systems
  3. Maintain order in the CTS computer Labs at all times and deal with problems or disruptions accordingly.
  4. Lost & Found procedures are posted in all labs. If an item of value is left in the lab (cell phone, keys, iPod, etc.) you must call University Police ext. 5555 and have them come and pickup the item.
    • If a student leaves a USB drive in the lab, please email them directly and tape a sheet of paper to the USB drive with the user's name. In Penfield you will want to give that USB drive to the front desk where it will be safely stored.
  5. Monitoring printer queues and printers. Make sure printers are jam-free and they have paper and toner.
  6. Do lab rounds. Walk around the lab, push in chairs, clean up any trash, etc.
  7. Cell phone use is prohibited in all labs.
  8. Assist users as they have questions. If you don't know an answer, email the cla-list or call the help desk at x3456 for an immediate answer. 
  9. ONLY the CLA on duty should be in the CLA area.
  10. In the event of a fire alarm, all labs have a key located in the CLA area. You should be familiar with its location and the appropriate fire drill procedures for the lab you are working in.
  11. When closing a lab, please perform the following tasks:
    • Do a supply check. Email the cla-list with number of remaining boxes of paper and toner.
    • Ensure printers are fully stocked. Printouts should be stacked neatly or if over three hours old recycled.
    • Machines can be turned off, printers can be left on.
    • Turn lab lights off and close door behind you.

In this section, you can find information regarding these tasks by clicking on a link to the left.