Panopto Lecture Capture

SUNY Oswego Panopto Showcase

Here are a few examples of lectures recorded by faculty on campus using Panopto software.


Paul Tomascak Session Button

Paul Tomascak, Associate Professor of Geology & Geochemistry 

Paul Tomascak is able to record his Physical Geology course which saves the slides from his Power Point presentation, as well as results from the iclicker surveys he uses to ask questions of his audience. There is a video camera that captures him speaking to the lecture hall as well. 





Hema Rao lecture recordingHema Rao, Professor of Accounting

Hema Rao uses the Panopto software to record herself in the classroom with a video of her instructing, as well as capturing her handwriting using a document camera to work out accounting ledgers and go over key points in the textbook during her Financial Statement Analysis class .





Kevin White Session Button

Kevin White, Assistant Professor of Native American & American Studies

Kevin White records his PowerPoint presentation and captures class usage of the iclicker software to promote discussion of topics during his Introduction to Native American Studies class. 






Juan La Manna Session Logo

Juan La Manna, Associate Professor of Music

Juan La Manna records his Introduction to the World of Music lecture by capturing his PowerPoint presentation, the document camera feed of him going over highlights in the textbook, and even sings and plays piano.