Campus Technology Services

Cable TV Service

SUNY Oswego, in an effort to improve the television service to its students and staff, have improved the channel line-up received from our service provider, Time-Warner. Most of the channels will be digital, high definition, and will not require a set-top box cable receiver to tune them in.

However, a television equipped with a QAM tuner is required. A standard NTSC tuner, an ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee),  or a TV with an AV8B (over the air digital) tuner will not be compatible with the new line-up. If you cannot acquire a TV with a QAM tuner, but bring a TV with HD capabilities, you will also need to purchase a separate QAM tuner. We recommend the iView 3500STBII.

The market is ever changing and it is recommended that you check the specifications of the TV to make sure that it has a QAM tuner in it. Televisions purchased after 2010 will most likely have this, however bargain televisions may not have a QAM tuner.