Campus Technology Services

Taking Steps for the Future

CTS Staff

Sean Moriarty, Chief Technology Officer
Michael Pisa , Associate Director, Infrastructure
Nicole Decker, Associate Director, Client Support & Communication
Kris Smith, Administrative Assistant - Lanigan
Tammy Reitz, Administrative Assistant- Culkin


David James, Telecommunications Operations Manager

Telecommunications Support
Harry Lagatella, Telecommunications Technician
Susan Salisbury, Telecommunications Analyst
Jason Waloven, Telecommunications Technician

Caroline Currier, Secretary

Computer Operations

Jenny Grass, Computer Operator
Shawn Narrow, Computer Operator


Greg Fuller, Network Operations Manager
Jonathan Fargo, Network Technician
Derek Rice, Network Technician

Administrative Technologies
Sue Fisk, Assistant Director

Programming & Database Administration
Eric Goodnough, Programmer/Analyst
Mary Gosek, Senior Programmer/Analyst
Suzanne Maniccia, Programmer/Analyst
Andy Michaelis, Database Administrator
Margaret Prisco, Programmer/Analyst
Lori Reed, Senior Programmer/Analyst

Servers and Identity Management

Server Administration
John Perrin, Windows Systems Administrator
Andy Goldzweig, UNIX Systems Administrator
Carlo Bell, Windows and VMware Systems Administrator

Instructional Support

Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, Assistant Director

Classroom/Event Support
Bob Hageny, ATC Operations Manager
Bill Canning, Associate for Educational Communication
Justin Norman, Instructional Support Technician
Chuck Perkins,  Instructional Support Technician
Bill Schleinitz,  Instructional Support Technician

Client Support & Communication

Learning Support
Dan Laird, Media and Design Specialist
Kathi Dutton, Learning Management Support

Help Desk
Joshua Galletta, Help Desk Coordinator
Nick Ross, Help Desk Support Specialist
Nick Sperduti, Help Desk Support Specialist

Desktop Support
Steve Salisbury, Coordinator of Desktop Support
Aaron Pratt, Desktop Support Technician
Ed Mariano, Desktop Support Technician
Dan Truong, Desktop Support Technician

Technology Support Professionals
Sadig Gulaghayev, Technology Support Coordinator
David Kahn, School of Business
Christopher Palian, Office of Learning Services
Matt Brooks
, Penfield Library
Michael Schifano, School of Education