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Acceptable Use Policy
Account Activation
Account Management Tools
Administrative Services
Advanced Technology Classrooms
ANGEL Learning Management System
Antivirus Software


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Banner (Internet Native Banner)
Banner Request Form
Blackboard Collaborate
Blackboard Learn


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Cable TV
Change Your Password
Classroom Equipment
Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy
Computer and Service Updates Schedule
Computer Equipment Purchases (Office)
Computer Labs
Computer Requirements (minimum)
Computer Usage Rules
Contact Us
Copyright (Digital)
Course Management Systems
CTS Staff Directory


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DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act)
Departmental Account Request Form (pdf, 40KB)
Digital Copyright
Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)
Downloads (software)


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Electronic Test Scoring
Electronic Harassment
Elevated Access Form
Emergency Messaging - New York Alert


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Faculty/Staff, Resources for
Faculty/Course Evaluations
FAQs, User
Forms and Requests
Forwarding, Email


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Help Desk
Hours, Help Desk
Hours, Computer Lab

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Labs, Computer
Learning Management System
Library Resources
Licensed Software
Listservs, Discussion Groups
Locations, ATC
Locations, Wireless Computing

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Mailing Lists
Mailman (listserv software)
Minimum Requirements (computer)
Multimedia Services

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New Student Orientation
New York Alert


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Online Forms
Orientation - Faculty/Staff
Orientation - New Student
Organizational Account Request Form (pdf, 40 KB)

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Password, change your
Personal Computer Purchases
Phone Service
Printing Policies


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Requests for Services
Requirements (Hardware/Software)
Residence Hall Networking (ResNet) (Internet in your room)
ResNet, Minimum Computer Requirements


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Service Updates Schedule
Skillport E-Learning Courses
Skype Web Conferencing
Software Downloads
Software Support
Sophos Antivirus software
Students, Resources for


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Telephone Service
Television, Cable


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Virus Protection



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Web-Based Email
Web Conferencing Options
Where to Download Software
Wireless Computing
Wireless Computing Locations
Wireless Computing, Minimum Requirements
Wireless Computing, One-time Setup Instructions
WWW Posting Authorization Form (pdf, 40KB)


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