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Did You Know?

Did you know you can use LakerApps Gmail when clicking an email address on a web page viewed with the Firefox browser?  Did you know you can send email to your entire class when in myOswego?  There is just one small configuration change needed in Firefox to make it all happen.

From the Firefox Tools menu select “Options” then click on the “Applications” tab and scroll down in the list of applications until you see “mailto.” Under the Action menu, select “Use Gmail.” Now when you click on an email link in a web page, it will allow you to send your message using Gmail. If you are not currently logged into LakerApps at the time you click on the email link, it will first ask you to login and then direct you to a compose window to compose and send your message.

All faculty and staff who receive a new machine will have this change automatically applied to their Firefox browser.

With this change applied, faculty may now use myOswego to send email to their entire class.  The HELP links for Detail Class List and Summary Class List within myOswego have been updated to outline how to send email to the entire class.  In addition, a reminder has been added to the top of each page outlining how Firefox can be used to email the class. There are no known restrictions for class size when using LakerApps Gmail.

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myOswego Receives Registrar Updates

There is now a “Student Records” tab in myOswego containing student information and services, including Advisor information, Course Schedule, Grades, CAPP Degree Audit and Graduation Application. The “Registration” tab now contains only items directly related to registration.Students can now view their unofficial transcript in myOswego on the new “Student Records” tab. They no longer need to purchase an unofficial transcript through the Registrar’s Office.

Enrollment Verifications are also now available in myOswego on the “Student Records” tab. These documents (also frequently called “proof of enrollment”) are commonly required by Insurance companies, scholarship programs and lenders. For directions, please visit the Registrar’s Office web page and click “Enrollment Verification / Proof of Enrollment”.

Students and Alumni can now order official transcripts online. Current students can do so on the “Student Records” tab in myOswego or, like alumni, at www.oswego.edu/transcript. This new service has advanced security features and offers email and text messaging updates of the status of transcript orders. Order Status can also be checked online.

The Registrar’s Office web page  has been reorganized and updated to reflect these changes and now also uses an FAQ page for quick reference.

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Did You Know?

Did you know myOswego underwent a change that now allows users to login using their Laker NetID?

Early this summer, myOswego was modified to accommodate the use of Laker NetID logins.  Your Laker NetID is the same username and password used to login to services such as ANGEL, the campus wireless network and the campus computer lab machines. Previously, your College ID number and a custom PIN were required to login to myOswego.   This change helps reduce the number of different logins needed to access various campus-based services.