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Professional Development

The CTS Spring semester workshop calendar and registration is now available. Workshops on using the Elluminate web conferencing software, Windows 7 operating system, beginning and advanced Apple Lion operating system, LakerApps Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, beginning and advanced MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint are available. Most workshops have multiple offerings.

In addition to instructor-led workshops, feel free to check out our self-paced, on-demand tutorials available from our iTunes U site.  Tutorials covering Microsoft Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and LakerApps Sites are currently available.

Other technical training opportunities:

  • –  ANGEL workshops are available from the ANGEL website.
  • –  Updating your department web site with Ingeniux workshops are available at the Ingeniux Training site.
  • –  The Skillport e-learning software is available to all students, faculty, and staff.  Skillport includes business and technology-related courses (including Office 2010) as well as courses and test preps needed to prepare you for many business and technical certifications.   Get started at the Skillport home page.

New Interfaces Coming to LakerApps

As mentioned in the “New Features Available in LakerApps” article, Google continously strives to improve features in each of their applications.  We don’t always know what Google is working on next, but we do know of one change coming soon – new interfaces for the Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Sites apps. Google specifies three primary reasons for making this change.  Focus for streamlining a new look across all the apps and reducing clutter, elasticity for consistent user experience no matter what device you are using – computer, tablet or mobile, and effortlessness for incorporating the latest technologies in their products to quickly bring new features to users.At first the new interface will be an opt-in setting for some of the apps.  This will allow you to preview the new interface before it becomes permanent.  Google has provided us with some preview snapshots and tentative timelines on when we will start seeing the new interfaces in our own LakerApps.

For Gmail, a user opt-in preview will not be available for our SUNY Oswego domain, however we have a snapshot of the new interface below.  Google will permanently release it to our domain in October.

[singlepic id=6 w=320 h=240  float=center]

Users can currently opt-in to the new interface for Calendar.   Just click on the “Try the new look” link in the upper right of the page.  If you want to switch back to the original one, click on the “Use the classic look” link in the same spot, but you will only be able to use the classic look for another month or so.  Google will permanently release it to our domain in October.

[singlepic id=4 w=320 h=240 float=center]

For Docs, user opt-in is scheduled for sometime in August.  We have no permanent release schedule as of this writing.

[singlepic id=5 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The Sites app is scheduled for user opt-in sometime in August.  We have no permanent release schedule as of this writing nor does Google currently have an interface preview snapshot.To keep up on Google’s updates to the interface changes, visit their New Look for Google and Google Apps page.