Lab and Classroom Computer Updates

Several locations on campus received new equipment that was installed over winter break.  They are the following:

  • (25) new PC desktops for the Penfield Lobby area (first floor)
  • (3) new Mac and PC desktops for the Multimedia Rooms in Penfield 208 and 210
  • (45) new PCs for classroom podiums for the majority of classrooms in Shineman, Park, and the Metro Center

In addition, the following spaces receiver newer used equipment that was installed over winter break:

  • (12) PCs for the Penfield Quick Print stations and card catalog systems
  • (13) PCs in Park 205 for the Technology department
  • (4) PCs for the BASAC student stations for the School of Business
  • (4) PCs in Mahar 215 for the center tables in the classroom
  • (2) PCs in Mahar 307 for the Anthropology department
  • (3) PCs in Mahar 209 for the Anthropology department
  • (6) PCs for a lab in Building 20 for the Technology department

We’d like to thank all of our CTS folks involved in the configuration and installation of these machines to make the PC usage experience better in those locations.

Adobe License Changes Affect Access in Computer Labs

Due to licensing changes with the Adobe contract, CTS is unfortunately no longer able to offer Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop through the virtualized applications environment available at and through the Citrix Receiver.

If you are a SUNY Oswego employee, CTS can install any of these applications on your SUNY-owned device. PC users are able to self-install. Please review this article for instructions on how to do so. Mac users will need to call the Help Desk who will be able to remotely install the product for you.

If you are a student, the following labs on campus have the Adobe software locally installed:
Penfield Lab, Penfield 24 Hour Room, and Penfield Lobby, Marano Campus Center 207, the residence hall labs in Oneida, Hart, and Waterbury, and the departmental labs in Graphics, Communication Studies, and Technology.

For further information on all of the Adobe contract changes, please see our Adobe License Changes article.

Large-Scale Cybersecurity Attack Affects the U.S.

Earlier today, there was a large-scale cybersecurity attack is affecting most of the United States. This attack affects some of the most popular Internet websites, including, but not limited to Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Xbox Live, and the Playstation Network.

If you’re having trouble connecting to certain websites or online services, keep trying periodically throughout the night.

For more information on this cybersecurity attack, refer to this LA Times news article.


Adobe License Changes

Last year, CTS was able to purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud license for the campus that allowed us to install the Master Suite products on SUNY-owned equipment.  This is a subscription service that expires on 9/29.  Due to the subscription ending, we are now able to join the SUNY Adobe contract at a significant cost savings to the campus.  

There are a few changes related to this that you should be aware of:

  • The SUNY Adobe contract requires that a new serial number be used.  The existing license ends 9/29.  If you have had an Adobe product installed over the past year, you may receive an expiration notice upon launching an Adobe application.  If this is the case, please follow these instructions:
    • On a PC, please go to your start menu and choose “LANDESK Management”>“Portal Manager”.  A window such as the following will open up.  Check the “Adobe License Updater” and click on the “Launch” icon in the gray bar near the top of the listing of applications. This will update your software with the new serial number.


On a Mac, please call the Help Desk so staff can remotely fix the serial number on your device.

  • The SUNY Adobe contract continues the Home Use Program.  This program allows faculty and staff to purchase the Creative Cloud for approximately $10 to be installed on a personal device.  Previously, the Home Use Program allowed the installation on (2) machines.  This has changed to (1) personal device.  
    Adobe_License_Changes_-_Google_Docs 2
  • The SUNY Adobe contract has a restriction on the number of licenses.  Due to this, we will be scaling back the number of computer labs it is available in to the following locations:
  •      Penfield Lab, Penfield 24 Hour Room, and Penfield Lobby,
    •      Marano Campus Center 207,
    •      the residence hall labs in Oneida, Hart, Waterbury, and Scales,
    •      the departmental labs in Graphics, Communication Studies, and Technology.  

If you would like to have Adobe installed in a particular lab not on this list, please contact the Help Desk.

If you have any questions regarding the new Adobe contract changes, please feel free to contact the Help Desk at 315.312.3456 or during normal business hours.


1st Annual CTS Phishing Tournament

logoSince October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Campus Technology Services will be holding our first ever Phishing Tournament.

The rules are simple – whenever your SUNY Oswego email account receives a phishing email, forward it to with the subject “Contest Entry”. For every unique phishing email you send to us, you will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card.

The tournament will run from October 1st through the 30th. The drawings will take place on Halloween.

For more information, check out

Contact the CTS Help Desk if you have any questions at 315.312.3456 or email Good luck!

High Volume of Devices Connecting to Residential Wireless

We are experiencing a high volume of devices trying to connect to the residential network, specifically in Seneca, Onondaga, and Johnson.  If you have devices that are not being used, such as wireless printers, gaming devices and content streaming devices, please disconnect them from the residential wifi as to free up the network for others while we work on fixing the issue. Thank you for your patience!

Changes to Mahar 210 and Mahar 211 Classroom Computer Labs

Mahar 210 is a computer lab with approximately 25 PCs and Mahar 211 is a lab with approximately 25 Macs.  During the class year, these labs have been used during the day for classes and then open for general access from 6pm-10pm Monday through Thursday.  They will continue to be used for classes during the day and, new this fall semester, they will also be used for classes in the evening.  This change was made based on the need for additional labs for classes being taught later in the day as well as low usage of both labs during the general access time period.  The change will be effective Monday, August 29.    

Get Office 365 for Free

As part of our enrollment in the Microsoft Campus Agreement, all SUNY Oswego registered students, faculty and staff are eligible to get Office 365 for FREE.  

What is Office 365?
Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud version of Office Professional Plus.  Essentially, you login to a website to use certain applications, such as Word and Excel, directly through a web browser.  You can also download and install the applications locally to your machine.


What’s included?

  • Use of Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online which allows you to use any of these applications through a web 365 online 
  • Installation of Office ProPlus on up to 5 personal, compatible PCs and Macs, plus 5 tablets.
    • Current version for PCs is Office 2013, current version for Macs is Office 2016
    • Suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote, Lync, and 365 install
  • 1TB of online storage through Microsoft OneDrive for each user. Create new files from OneDrive using the Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Online programs. Files can be shared with other users that have accounts in 365.
    office 365 onedrive


How do I Get Started?

  1. Check the System Requirements to ensure your system can install the software.
  2. Go to the Office 365 Education site to register for a Microsoft Account.
    1. On the above page, submit your SUNY Oswego email address.
    2. Check for an email from “Microsoft Office 365 Team” and click the link in it.
    3. Submit the form to finish creating your Microsoft Account and you will automatically be logged in.
  3. For future sessions, go to


What happens when I graduate or separate from SUNY Oswego?

Once you have left the College, your Microsoft Office ProPlus subscription will end. You may enroll in other available consumer or commercial offers.

Questions? Contact the Help Desk!

Phone (315) 312-3456


Setup Panopto Today for Your Fall Classes

Many faculty at SUNY Oswego have discovered how easy it is to setup and use Panopto to record lectures and additional video content for their students to view in Blackboard in one simple system. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Verify your class is in a room that has Panopto available by checking our Advanced Technology Classroom page for Lecture Capture equipped classrooms. If it doesn’t, contact the CTS Help Desk to see if it can be outfitted with the appropriate hardware.

Step 2 – Install Panopto in your Blackboard Course.

Step 3 – When in your classroom, open and login to the Panopto software on the podium computer, make sure your correct class folder is selected to publish to, and hit record. When done hit stop and upload. All done!

If you would like to learn more about the service and read faculty testimonials, please visit If you have any questions please email Dan Laird at