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Tyrone Johnson-Neuland Named to Assistant Director, Instructional Support Position

Tyrone Johnson-Neuland has been named to the post of Assistant Director, Instructional Support at Oswego State. This position was formerly held by David McQuin, who retired in September, 2014.

Ty has worked for Oswego State since 1993. He started as a telephone technician, and moved to his role as Assistant Director, Telecommunications in January, 2004 and later added networking to his portfolio. He has also served as an adjunct professor in the Art department teaching Integrated Electronic Imagery between 2000-2010.

Among his responsibilities in his role of AD, Telecom and Networking, Tyrone has served as the CTS project manager for the Shineman construction project, as well as Tyler Hall and Waterbury Hall. In this role, he worked along with other members in Instructional Support in the classroom design planning as well as all network and wiring components of construction. He will continue to work as the CTS project manager for current construction projects.

Tyrone has his BFA from Syracuse University and an MA from Oswego State

Campus Network Outage, Saturday May 31, 6am-noon

Campus Technology Services has planned an upgrade of network equipment that connects our campus to the Internet on Saturday, May 31, 6am-noon.  During this timeframe:

  • all connections originating from on-campus to the Internet will be unavailable
  • all connections originating from the Internet to any campus network service will be unavailable
  • any service requiring a SUNY Oswego login will be unavailable.

This upgrade is needed in order to provision additional Internet bandwidth for SUNY Oswego. When the upgrade is completed, there will be 25% more Internet bandwidth than what we currently have.

In addition, this upgrade will position SUNY Oswego to increase Internet network services more rapidly in the future to support the growth needs of academic and residential clients.

Congratulations and farewell to a couple CTS staff members

Eric Smith (left) and Melanie Washo (right)
Two CTS staff members will be taking the next steps in their careers.   Melanie Washo, one of our Desktop Support Technicians and Eric Smith, Help Desk Coordinator, have accepted new positions and are leaving SUNY Oswego.
Melanie has accepted a Systems Administrator position in Syracuse in the IT department for Onondaga County.  She will be administering systems for the 40+ county agencies and the 911 system.  Her last day was January 10th.
Eric has accepted an Assistant Director position at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He will be overseeing and providing leadership to the user support and classroom support services group. His last day will be January 17th.
While we are sad to see them go, both are taking the next steps in their career goals and will be great assets to their new employers. It has been a pleasure working with both of them and we wish them all the best!  Congratulations!!

Reorganization of CTS

On Thursday, September 26, Sean Moriarty, Chief Technology Officer implemented a reorganization in CTS, effective that same day. According to Moriarty, “we have  decided to reorganize to ensure that CTS continues to offer the high  quality services that the campus needs and has come to expect.”  He mentioned the goals that were set for reorganizing included:
  • Appropriate succession planning to ensure continuous service delivery
  • Streamline accountability for services
  • Bring common tasks together inside a single team
  • Put a renewed focus on areas that are clear priorities
  • Augment the CTS skill set for our challenges in the coming years
Based on those goals, the following changes have been implemented:
  • Nicole Decker has been promoted to Associate Director, Client Support & Communication – Nicole will be responsible for the Help Desk and desktop support in addition to her  duties in Instructional support (Blackboard Angel, Lecture Capture) and  web and mobile support. Nicole, who has worked at Oswego state since  1996, is this year’s recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for  Professional Service and is moving up from her former position of  Assistant Director, User Support.
  • Tyrone Johnson-Neuland’s position has been  changed to Assistant Director, Telecommunications, Network &  Construction. The change reflects CTS’s commitment to the construction  process and the focus that we want to put on streamlining the many  different aspects of implementing technology in Oswego State’s new  buildings. Tyrone has been the Assistant Director, Telecommunications for the last ten years and has worked at Oswego since 1993.
  • CTS has created a server administration  team. Two staff members (John Perrin and Andy Goldzweig) will be moved  into that team. A third member will be added when CTS back-fills a  current opening. The team will be responsible for the server  administration of the many systems CTS supports. Formerly this service  was performed in various groups throughout CTS.
  • The new server administration team will be  led by Paul Taylor, whose new title will be Assistant Director, Server  Administration and Identity Management. Paul formerly was the Assistant  Director, Instructional Technologies. He has worked at Oswego State for  28 years.
  • A new management position will be  created to coordinate the activities of the Technical Support Professional team. The title of this position will be Technology Support Coordinator.

In his final remarks, Moriarty said “I want to thank Nicole, Tyrone and Paul for taking on these  new and/or additional responsibilities. I feel that the changes  implemented above will help to make CTS stronger in the years ahead and  assist CTS to continue to deliver high quality services.”

The current organization chart listed on the CTS website has been updated to reflect the new changes. Here is the PDF file outlining the new chart.
Job ads will be posted on the Human Resources website in the coming weeks for the server administration and Technology Support Coordinator openings.

Meet SUNY Oswego’s New Chief Technology Officer

Photograph of Sean MoriartySean Moriarty is SUNY Oswego’s new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  Sean came to SUNY Oswego in April 2013 from the University of Windsor, Canada, a border city with Detroit, MI.


In his role as CTO, Sean provides leadership for the continued development of a client-centred, robust and secure campus technology environment to advance the university’s strategic goals. The primary responsibility of his position is the planning, development and use of technology in support of Oswego State’s vision of excellence and goal of being a learner-centered environment.

Sean’s professional association with Windsor’s IT Services began in 1986 serving as a computing consultant. He joined the Information Technology management team in 1999 and served as manager Client Support, assistant director, Client Support and acting executive director. Moriarty holds a bachelor of science in Math and Computer Science, a bachelor of commerce, and an M.B.A from the University of Windsor.