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iPhone Spring Cleaning

With the release of the new iPhone 5S just around the corner, you may be stowing away for the latest & greatest offering from Apple. However, those who are content with their current iPhone model may want to take steps to keep it fast and ready for the new iOS 7 (Apple’s latest Operating System for the phone). The folks over at LifeHacker put together a Spring cleaning list for those iPhone users dissatisfied with their sluggish system. One of the quickest ways to improve speed is often to simply reboot (“turn it off & on again”). This clears the system memory and often results in quicker speeds!

Looking to buy a new tablet or smartphone?

The popularity of tablets & smartphones is growing at a fast rate (while PC sales slump). However, for many users it is frustrating to choose not only “what” to purchase, but “when” to do so! Because competition is so fierce among top companies like Samsung and Apple, models seem to become obsolete literally as they touch store shelves.

While that may be a bit hyperbolic, it’s certainly a bummer when your recently purchased tablet is left in the dust by that flashy new i-Quadcore-5X…-thing. Luckily for the rest of us, the good folks at MacRumors keep an up-to-the-date Mac Buyer’s Guide to let you know when is the best time to buy.

Unfortunately for Android aficionados, there is no ultimate (up-to-date) guide, because a whole slew of companies create the slates. However, there are some sites that offer brand agnostic buyer’s guides.


Multimedia Production Room Services



CTS and Penfield Library have teamed together to provide a Multimedia Production Room, which is located in room 210 across from the Periodicals/Media Desk in the Penfield Library. This room can be used by faculty, staff and students to create multimedia projects using audio and video.  It is equipped with the following:

  1. A PC and Macintosh desktop computer with 24 inch monitors
  2. A Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 video camera for the PC and a built-in camera for the Mac.
  3. A Plantronics Audio DSP-400 Headsetwith noise cancelling microphone for both systems
  4. Your choice of the following recording software available on both systems:
    1. Audacity (for audio only)
    2. Camtasia (for audio and/or video)

Staff from Penfield and CTS are available to assist you should you need an orientation to the room or assistance using any of the hardware or software.  For more information, please visit the Multimedia Site.



Campus-owned Computers Will Be Receiving Regular Operating System and Software Updates

To remain current with operating system, security, and other software releases, CTS will be updating college-owned computers, servers and services throughout each semester.For college-owned computers assigned to faculty and staff, these updates will occur weekly on Wednesdays.  On these “Patch Wednesdays,” CTS staff will remotely push, via the campus network, operating system and/or security patches as well as new versions of particular software, such as Firefox, Adobe Reader, etc. to your computer.  These updates will occur early Wednesday mornings.  You may see a slight decrease in performance as the updates are applied to your computer.

At other times, updates to campus servers or services will take place which may interrupt service.   These updates may include server operating system or security patches and/or new versions of campus software used for accessing online services.  Examples include updates to Banner, myOswego, the campus wireless system, etc.

For both types of updates, CTS will thoroughly test the updates before they are distributed.

To stay informed regarding these updates, please visit the CTS Computer and Services Updates Schedule page at  This schedule will be revised frequently as needs develop. Any update that may result in a disruption of service will be announced via email as well as posted to the updates Schedule.

Construction sign that says CTS Work Zone

Classroom Technology Upgrades

Several projects were undertaken by CTS in our continuing efforts to make presentation technology widely available on campus as well as to upgrade existing classroom technologies.

Mahar 307 was upgraded to a full Advanced Technology Classroom (ATC) and Anthropology will share that classroom with other departments in Mahar.  In Lanigan, new hi-definition projectors and a digital control system were added to the Graphics Arts classroom and lab.  A new hi-definition projector and the cabling necessary for hi-definition video were installed in the Campus Center auditorium.  New hi-definition projectors were also installed in Penfield instruction rooms, in several busy Campus Center classrooms, and in Snygg 106, 107, and B6.

At Phoenix, a new digital ATC was built with a large flat panel display. The computer lab presentation system was also upgraded replacing the old projector and speakers on a cart.  At the Metro Center, new Interactive whiteboard technology was added to the great technology already in room 105.

Continuing the expansion of our campus digital signage, a new display was installed in Rich Hall.  The infrastructure for a digital signage player was installed in Tyler with the actual display coming soon.

Construction sign that says CTS Work Zone

Network Updates

Over the winter break, CTS expanded wireless connectivity to the Tyler Hall galleries.

Network hardware upgrades were completed in Penfield, Lanigan and Rich Halls.  These same buildings underwent a Voice Over IP (VoIP) upgrade.  In addition to moving the phone service in these buildings from an analog to a digital system, the VoIP upgrades provided users with a new digital handset. Please see our VoIP Upgrade page for more specific information.
Woman on cell phone smiling.

Discounts on Personal Cell Phone Plans for SUNY Oswego Employees

If you work for SUNY Oswego, you are eligible for discounts off your personal cell phone plan with AT&T or Verizon Wireless.If you are a Verizon customer, you are eligible for a 19% discount off your personal plan and up to 25% off accessories.  If you are not already receiving this discount, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Check for Employee Discounts”
  3. If prompted, enter your zip code
  4. Enter and confirm your SUNY Oswego email address
  5. An email will be sent to your SUNY Oswego email address for additional information.

If you are an AT&T customer, you are eligible for a 20% discount off your personal plan.  In order to have the discount applied to your bill, you will need to visit an AT&T store and present either your paystub or your SUNY ID card.

Image of person looking in a book as if he found an answer.

Gartner Research Now Available to SUNY Oswego

Gartner is a company that offers services in the area of Information Technology research and consulting.  Gartner has about 1200 research analysts who are experts in different IT subject areas including consumer technologies, mobile and wireless, emerging trends, security, hardware and storage, infrastructure and architecture, business process improvement and more.  These experts produce reports on their findings and make them available to thier subscribers.  Gartner currently has over 60,000 clients in 80 different countries.

CTS recently purchased a subscription to Gartner which entitles all SUNY Oswego students, faculty, and staff access to all of Gartner’s published research.  To access Gartner, go to Penfield Library’s Restricted Services page and login with your Laker NetID.

Notes from the Helpdesk written on a pad with a pen under it.

Notes from the Help Desk

The Technology Support Center (TSC) will be open extended hours for the first two weeks of the semester to assist with any start of the semester technology issues faculty, staff and students may have.  Please check the TSC website for specific hours.  The TSC is located in 26 Lanigan Hall and is available by email at help@oswego.eduand by phone at 315.312.3456.Are you on Facebook? Want to receive updates from CTS on new services, updates, system outages, and more? We recently created a “SUNY Oswego – Campus Technology Services” Facebook group. Become a fan and start receiving updates!

Lion Operating System

Apple recently released its newest operating system called Lion (OS X version 10.7) available from the Apple app store for $29.99.  If you are a Mac user, please DO NOT upgrade to this version on any of your college-owned devices or personal devices that you may use on campus.  At this time not all campus applications are compatible with Lion, especially the campus wireless network. CTS is currently working with our networking provider for compatibility updates, but it is likely that these updates will not be available until a week or two after the start of the semester.

For anyone who already purchased Lion or bought a new machine that came with Lion and were expecting to use the campus wireless network, you will not be able to do so at this time.  We welcome you to utilize our various campus computer labs.

We will be posting updates on our  CTS ResNet web site as we have them.

CTS has signed an agreement with Apple to acquire Lion and will be making plans to upgrade SUNY Oswego-owned machines to this new version.  As a plan is finalized we will be sure to inform our user community.

ResNet Room Service
Students living in the Residence Hall rooms will be using the Cisco Clean Access automated registration system again this year to register their computers on the campus network. Look for a Getting Started document hanging on each Residence Hall room door handle.

CTS will be offering ResNet Room Service again this semester to assist students who may be experiencing problems getting their machines connected to the residential network in their residence hall rooms. During ResNet Room Service, students may sign-up for CTS professional staff to visit the computer in their room to help resolve any issues with getting it connected to ResNet. The schedule for this fall semester is as follows:

For Oneida/Cayuga/Seneca/Onondaga Halls and The Village:
Room Service Date/Time: Monday, August 29, 3pm – 9pm
Sign Up Location: Please visit the Oneida Computer Lab

For Hart/Funnelle/Sheldon Halls:
Room Service Date/Time: Tuesday, August 30, 3pm – 9pm
Sign Up Location: Please visit the Hart Computer Lab

For Scales/Waterbury/Riggs/Johnson/Mackin Halls:
Room Service Date/Time: Tuesday, August 30, 3pm – 9pm
Sign Up Location: Please visit the Scales Computer Lab