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Extending ANGEL Beyond the Standard LMS Features

Extending ANGEL Beyond the Standard LMS Features

ANGEL has been part of the SUNY Oswego campus for about four years now.  Since that time, the number of fully online classes using it has risen to over 100 courses and the number of web-enhanced course sections has risen to over 700 with both continuing to grow each semester.  With that many sections, ANGEL has truly become a valuable tool for teaching and learning.

Those that use ANGEL know there are many features available and you can use as little or as many as you want.  From posting course announcements and creating drop boxes to discussion groups, quizzes and the gradebook, there is a lot to explore.  But did you know you can also integrate ANGEL with other campus technology tools?  Extended Learning and CTS have worked behind the scenes to make the following add-ons available.

McGraw-Hill Campus:  When enabled, this nugget allows you to browse and use McGraw-Hill textbook resources such as PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, sample chapters, etc. in your course. Just input the textbooks ISBN you are using and you will have access to all of the McGraw-Hill resources for it.  Whether or not you’ve actually adopted a McGraw-Hill text, you’ll have free access to these resources. In addition, McGraw-Hill also allows you an option to create your own textbook.  Do you use a few chapters from a few different McGraw-Hill books?  You can combine those few chapters and even upload your own pdfs into a single book making it easier for you to teach from and cheaper for students to buy!  Please view this McGraw Hill webinar recording for more detailed information on the product.  To enable the McGraw-Hill (MH) Campus nugget, follow the “How-To McGraw Hill Campus Nugget to ANGEL Course” instructions.

Elluminate Live:   The Elluminate Live web conferencing software became available to the campus to use in the Spring 2012 semester.  By enabling the Elluminate Live nugget in ANGEL, faculty can then use Elluminate to conduct a remote synchronous class or remote office hours with their students.  Students just login to ANGEL, access the Elluminate Live nugget and click on the appropriate link to join the session.   Visit our website for more information on Elluminate Live.  If you’d like to use the service in ANGEL, follow these instructions:

iTunes U:  Need a place to store the audio and video files you are using for your class?  You can use the SUNY Oswego on iTunes U service to request a space for those multimedia files and then restrict them to viewing by students in your course.  By enabling the iTunes U nugget within ANGEL, students will be able to easily access your course multimedia content.  For more information, visit our “SUNY Oswego on iTunes U” website.  To enable the nugget for your course, edit your course home page, click the “Add Components” link from your course home page and then select “My iTunes U Courses.”

Panopto Lecture Capture:   CTS recently finished a two-year pilot assessing five different lecture capture software solutions and selected Panopto.  Lecture capture is used in the classroom for recording lectures that can be reviewed later by students.  Panopto is available for use by any faculty teaching in Lanigan 101-107 (minus the “A” rooms), Mahar 208, 217 and 309,  Campus Center 211, Rich 221 and 319,  Snygg 101-102.  After a lecture is captured it can then be published directly to the Panopto nugget in ANGEL automatically.  To review the lecture, all the students need to do is login to ANGEL.  If you are interested in using Panopto, please see our Panopto website for more information.  To add Panopto to ANGEL, see “Adding Panopto Nugget to ANGEL Course Shell.”

i>clicker: i>Clicker is a company that makes classroom response solutions.  The professor asks a questions with multiple choice answers and students use a remote (clicker) to answer the question.  This is a more anonymous way of asking questions without students needing to raise their hands.  Students don’t need to feel embarrassed in front of their peers if they answered a question incorrectly.  Additionally, using clickers adds faculty/student interaction in large lecture sections. Using clickers to gather student feedback immediately allows faculty to adjust or clarify their lectures as they unfold. The ANGEL integration of i>clicker allows students to register their clickers for the course and allows faculty to sync class roster information and class polling results.  For more information, please visit i>clicker’s website.  To add i>clicker to ANGEL, see “Setting up i>Clicker ANGEL Nugget

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ANGEL to Blackboard Migration Delayed

Blackboard announced in late March that ANGEL would be extended as a product “indefinitely”. This announcement, while lacking in many details, impacts our planned migration to Blackboard originally slated to begin in 2013.

We anticipate that further details regarding ongoing ANGEL support and any potential enhancements will emerge after the Blackboard World user conference in mid-July. We also anticipate that the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) will be communicating with Blackboard regarding this announcement, and that SLN will provide further details on ongoing support at the SUNY CIT conference in early June.

Based on the initial information in hand, we will delay our migration to Blackboard until we know more details. We will continue to remain on ANGEL through the 2013-2014 academic year.

We are still on course to upgrade to ANGEL version 8 late summer (see “ANGEL Upgrading to Version 8”).

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ANGEL Version 8 Upgrade August 20-21

SLN will be upgrading SUNY Oswego’s ANGEL instance to version 8 on August 20-21st.  ANGEL will not be available during this time frame.  Please plan accordingly.

One of the biggest advantages for upgrading to version 8 is compatibility with Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome browsers.  There are also enhancements to dropboxes, discussion forum rubrics, the gradebook and more.

For detailed information on all of the new features and enhancements, please see Blackboard’s “What’s New in ANGEL 8.0” document.

Photo of student with laptop and textbook.

Using Textbook Resources in ANGEL

Recently, the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) negotiated a contract with McGraw-Hill (MH) to allow all SUNY campuses access to the MH Campus “nugget” within ANGEL. When enabled, this nugget allows you to use MH textbook resources such as PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, sample chapters, etc. in your course.

In addition to utilizing textbook resources, you can also use the MH Create product to create your own textbook. This feature allows you to pick specific chapters of different textbooks and upload pdf documents to create your own textbook. You can then specify whether you would like the textbook in printed or e-text format.Please view this McGraw Hill webinar recording for more detailed information on the product.
Tech Tips graphic.

Tech Tip

Have you made a backup of your online or web-enhanced course lately?  If you are a faculty member teaching with the ANGEL learning management system, you should make a few backups of your course regularly throughout the semester.  Here are the steps:

  1. Click on the course link for which you want to backup.
  2. From the Manage tab within the Data Management nugget, click on Backup & Restore link
  3. In the Your Backups area, click on the here link to create a backup.
  4. Your backup request will be queued to run and you will receive an email once it has completed.
  5. To download the backup to your computer, return to the Your Backups area on the Manage tab and click on the file to download.

Learning Management System (ANGEL) Updates

Browser Compatibility
This past spring, Microsoft released Internet Explorer (IE) version 9 and shortly afterward, Mozilla released Firefox version 4.  ANGEL was not immediately compatible with these two browsers.  An ANGEL software patch was applied to our installation last month that now makes it compatible with both of these browsers.

ANGEL to Blackboard Migration
In 2009,  Blackboard acquired ANGEL and since then have been working on merging the two products.   They have started this merger by slowly blending the strengths of each product and introducing them into Blackboard version 9.

Over the last two years since Blackboard’s acquisition of ANGEL, the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) has been investigating migration paths away from ANGEL to another Learning Management System (LMS) product.  SLN is a SUNY unit that provides distance learning services to member campuses.  They currently host the SUNY Oswego installation of ANGEL along with 26 other SUNY campuses.

Recently, SLN announced that they will officially be supporting Blackboard as the next LMS for SLN campuses.  A new three-year contract between SUNY and Blackboard is nearly complete.  SUNY Oswego has chosen to participate in this contract when it becomes available and will be looking at migrating from ANGEL to Blackboard sometime over the next 12-18 months.  We will keep users informed of the details on the actual migration as we have them.  Look for announcements on the SUNY Oswego ANGEL website.