2 thoughts on “Reminder: LakerApps Login Page Changing Effective 7:30 am, 1/20

  1. john shutter

    i cannot for the life of me find out how to log onto my oswego e mail if i click on the button that says “log in” under the lakerapps circle it takes me to my gmail account (the one I’m using for you to reply to)

    1. CTS

      Hello John,

      You can use any of the following methods to log into your Oswego account: use a different browser, log out of your personal Gmail and then log on to your Oswego account, or start a private browsing session (Incognito, InPrivate, etc.) in a new window on your current browser. If you are still experiencing issues, email us at help@oswego.edu, or call at 315.312.3456.

      -Nick, CTS


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