CTS Works With Graphic Design Students on Facebook Cover Photos

With the help of Kelly Roe’s ART 323 Digital Media class, CTS is now proudly displaying cover photos on our facebook page.

Dan Laird, Media and Design Specialist for CTS and Kelly Roe, Professor in the Art Department teamed up to work on this project.  CTS had a need to display facebook cover photos that were reflective of the work that we do for the campus.  Kelly had a need for an assignment in which her students could create designs based on client requirements.   It was a perfect fit!

Roe talked about how the project allowed the students to create their work on a different level. “Working with CTS was a great experience for both the students in my Digital Media class and myself. The students in the class were all 1st semester transfer students to Oswego. They found value in working in a real client situation, hearing feedback and criticism about their work from someone besides their faculty. The possibility of having their work chosen for the CTS facebook page seemed to make the project have more accountability and seemed to raise the level of enthusiasm and interest. In their research, they found it surprising that CTS is seamlessly embedded in everything on campus and is so much more than just the Help Desk.”

Laird mentioned all of the hard work the students put forth in coming up with creative designs.  “We really appreciate the work that the entire class did for us with this project and for Kelly to give us this opportunity.”

Of the many creative designs, we chose seven of our favorites that will be rotated through during the rest of the academic year.  These designs were created by Mark Hanna, Samantha McCarthy, Hannah Joy, Alaina Dethier, Devin Hu, Elijah Vary, and Kristy Benicase.  We thank them for their great work.

We’d like to give Kelly Roe a special thanks for allowing us to work with her class on this project.

Check out the post including all the images from the collaboration on Facebook.

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